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Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

I’m looking forward to this show. I used to listen to Mister Hess on Voice of Reason.

It’s a shame that the VOR network died. For many months I kept visiting their site hoping for a revival.

Maybe Stan Hess can join Renagade…

10 years ago

“Truckin’ with Stan Hess”

Reply to  Bob in DC
10 years ago

Bob — what is your Blog? Thanks.

Reply to  roy
10 years ago

Show at Talkshoe 85857 (at name above) and

10 years ago

Excellent presentation Dana! Mr.Hess is hilarious! Laughter is medicine & exposing the irony/contradictions/hypocrisy/paradoxes of our enemy is essential! Hell, i taught my 10yr old niece with crayons how miscegenation & multiculturalism/racialism via Jewish Bolshevism/Cultural Marxism is destroying our Aryan Volk! She completely understands! If you can make people laugh & have fun + think critically, all at the same time, its very effective! Heilsa

10 years ago

Great show, a lot of good stories 🙂

10 years ago

I do not listen to much public radio, but I happened to hear a few of us on different shows telling the host out information. A couple of the callers got a lot through kind of hostile and it became the topic for a while from there with each following caller’s comment against it along with the host complaining! Months ago I heard a guy call in on Bill Cunningham (CunningJEW) giving him the works! I heard half of what must have been like a five minute argument about Jewish media domination, which the host denies l0l! Last week a woman called into Coast to Coast AM telling the guest to write a book about the Eurodomor, she didn’t use that word but went on… Read more »

10 years ago

What do you know about trucking, Wolf Wallstein?

Reply to  Rob
10 years ago

Wolf Wallstein? Bob DC is a great associate of Renegade Broadcasting and to the Aryan Struggle as a whole. Take your shit-talking elsewhere “Rob”.

10 years ago

Not everything needs to be a laughfest. I enjoyed the recent Wolf’s Lair show, and it was serious throughout, which was appropriate to the subject matter. Kyle has done some of the very best shows here.

Reply to  Frank
10 years ago

Kyle has a very good sense of humor, puts forth top notch sarcasm. & does some great Jew voices. No cracker for you Polly.

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