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9 years ago

Hey Dana, stop feeding the trolls! Stop being so naive. Other than that, great show. But just don’t do it in the future. I thought it was quite obvious that the only guy that wasn’t taking the shit was Reid. Cut them off.

9 years ago

I agree that Christian Identity is a small amount of people in the white scene and even a smaller number in the white population. So to give into Christian non-sense to keep them is not worth while for all of the damage their religion has caused. Christ-insanity is actually the problem, not the solution.

9 years ago

Agree w/ Dana’s guest, that HOLEY-so called christian book (all versions) is an Jew play-book. The great invisible bearded fairytales-destroyer,destruction in the sky

9 years ago

Great addition to where you left off over at TruthMilitia.Com and for show music!
Racial metal: Absurd, Ad Hominem, Der Sturmer, Vinterriket & – – –

Dana Antiochus
9 years ago

Ya Chris, I’ll try to be quicker next time. One of em tricked me by asking a question as a hook and not coming right out with something retarded. I can’t control what people say when I pick em up. Other than Reid, the Ahmed guy isn’t a troll, I know him and talk with him frequently, he’s a friend. You supporters have to call in to outnumber those bastards next time.

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