Imperium Europa w/ Dana Antiochus 5-14-13

An interview/ conversation with IFA of We will be discussing his personal and philosophical development within the context of the struggle, race, the jewish problem, and what indo-european peoples must do across the globe to survive in these trying times.

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11 years ago

Good show Dana! Considering the guest is too con-servative or religious.

I got your message at TruthMilitia.Com but I have no way of reaching you
without an Email address, so ask Kyle what mine is here or post yours…

John Sholtes
11 years ago

As far as accepting Persians that would really depend on whether he has Aryan traits.Just accepting them across the board would be too general and there are too many total Arabs in te mix now to allow them to infuse with Europa. then the whole Albanian Serb war which has been going on makes them to the Serbs and Serbs trump Albanians. Then this guest is really a christard and goes on about Syangogue of Satan and the crap about Babylon which is more anti Aryan pro jew crap.Dana did not even argue about that so Dana should be disqualified to be on Renegade. You have to have standards and he doesn’t conform to what I would expect out of a Pagan Radio show.

Dana Antiochus
11 years ago

hey brother, its John, as far as i’m concerned you’re troll. Why didn’t you call in and give your own opinion instead of just typing your criticism? I tried to debate him a little without making it to confrontational. I NEVER said outlier or peripheral whites should be accepted across the board, but should be accepted on an individual basis depending on their blood and beliefs. You have millions of people who are unquestionably white but are compromised and our enemy, so why pick on those who would support us?

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