Imperium Europa w/ Dana Antiochus 9-18-13

Tonight I will be discussing some news, future visions for the network and beyond, a renegade update and quick comment on drama and infighting, etc.  I will have special guest Jim/Reinhard with me to discuss these topics, probably wrack his brain and go over his political biographical sketch a little deeper and thoughts on our movement and what lies ahead.

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9 years ago

Dana – I’m calling in but you continue to disconnect!

9 years ago

Wolf, other than my guest and Frank, the only calls in were urbanJGirl to let me know my guest was echoing, a prank caller playing music, and one irregular number, that when I picked up, nobody spoke. So I don’t know what the problem was – it seemed to be having technical difficulties during the night in general. Just remember whatever it was you wanted to say and call in next week.

9 years ago

OMG the echo was FUCKING HORRIBLE – I FUCKING BLOGTALK! Thank Goodness UJG called in cause i wasn’t paying attention to the chatroom, i’ll have to make sure to do that next time

9 years ago

oh…i caught a speaking error – obviously i meant WWS’s singling out the Jews as being *nonhuman, or alien…not of this earth! In contrast to the rest of the global population, be they Aryans or nonAryans.

9 years ago

Hi Dana, dont worry too much about the audio quality of this weeks show, i personally find mainstream news much more nausious than a little echo on one of your live broadcasts.
Id also like to thank you for the recomendations of books youve read and music you think is worthwhile, ive personally bought a few books and got a few cds ive heard about on these shows.

9 years ago

Dana, it was great being on your podcast. It is great to talk with someone who is almost on the same wavelength as I am. Thank you again, my Comrade and Brother.

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