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7 years ago

Great job Dana – the small technical glitch did not take away from the outcome of the show.
To my shame, I have had his book “The Culture Of Critique ” on my book shelf for the past 6 months and haven’t read it due to trying to get through 2 other books. It’s time I get to it.
This was a much needed show – especially for a newbie like me.

7 years ago

What a miserable (oppurtunistic, dum, stupid, academic, self absorbed) SOB this Kevin McDonald is. The Difference between an Aryan and an non-Aryan is that (the) truth is sacred. It is the basis of (our) succes and fighting spirit (didn’t Wodan/Wuotan/Odin offer one of his eyes for this?). Let alone the consequenses of a lie. Makes me sick.

7 years ago

i didn’t hear Mac say anything that contradicted or contestes your statement Alaric…seems people love to hear themselves talk/bitch for no reason

Reply to  Antiochus
7 years ago

I refer to his comment that we shouldn’t focus on the Hollohoax (1:07), because ‘if it would be disproven nothing would realy change’. That is RUBBISH. First, we don’t accept lies, never, second and maybe the most important reason, this lie is THE corner stone of their (the Jews and their minions) power. As a Dutch/Swiss European I feel very close connected to the Germans. I don’t accept anything what caused or causes them harm. To you as Americans their suffering is somewhat abstract. To me it feels close and peronal. Especially, because the (real) German is from his nature very kind and sincere, which can be exploited very easily. They are very punctual and honourable. Their caracter is (and should be) an example to… Read more »

7 years ago

I understand the anger at 50 years of vicious defamation and propaganda against the German people, but anyone in the ‘revisionist’ struggle will tell you that it is an uphill battle, once a lie is believed by the public you put yourself at a disadvantage to try reverse associations that are already imprinted on their minds; all of these subjects are interconnected, but MacDonald as an academic and activist is approaching it from a certain angle, and believe me, in his world if he were to take up the issue it would probably set him beyond severely, so rather than attack others for not being perfect, we should try to walk in their shoes. The psychology of the masses is not based on reason, logic… Read more »

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