Insights from an Observer 5-22-14

The Art of Trolling…and some News…

Tonight, join an Observer as we discuss trolls, trolling, and how to handle trolls. We will also discuss trolling as a means of unhinging the enemy. 🙂 Included later will be a discussion of relevant news articles. As always, your calls are welcomed and encouraged.

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Skin Botwin
9 years ago

Thanks for the musical selections at the end. I wanted to add one but it just came to me:

Swans (Michael Gira and Co.)

Awesome No Wave group that began in NYC in the 80’s. They’re back and I’m actually seeing them next month for the 3rd time!

(Swans, “Coward”)

As far as European post rock, I dig God is an Astronaut. A classmate played this for me in college and I needed new ear drums afterwards!

(GIAA, “Suicide by Star”)

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