Insights from an Observer 5-8-14

Ending Jewish Supremacy!

Join your host an Observer, and help me end Jewish supremacy and the apartheid state of Israel! Open borders for all! Free love for all! One love! One world!!! 🙂

Let’s all come together and smash Israeli racism!

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6 years ago

Open Borders for Israel on Facebook – 🙂 –

6 years ago

Great show as always Observer. I enjoy calling into your shows. Keep up the good work brother!

6 years ago

Great show! We need to show how Irael is racist.

payday monsanto
6 years ago

Oy gay? What a stupid fucking show.

payday monsanto
6 years ago

Stop trying to fill Sledge’s shoes, STFU and do your own shtick. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

Reply to  payday monsanto
6 years ago

No one is trying to be like that fat drunk with a Jewish child. Who asked you anyway “Payday”? Shouldn’t you be like spitting rhymes and stuff? LOL

6 years ago

I doubt that’s really payday monsanto. Its probably Sludge trolling, still butt-hurt that Observer took his spot on Thurs. LOL

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