Insights from an Observer: Cartoon Killing (1-8-15)

Tonight, join an Observer as we discuss the slaying of French jouranists who pissed off a bunch of cute, cuddly and innocent mudslimes. We also have open lines tonight. Finally, will also discuss an inspiring idea from Carolyn Yeager; that of “the terrain is everything”:

Your calls are welcome and encouraged.

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Charile from Down Under
9 years ago

You’re right: organised Jewry is a like cancer and we are their hosts. And their biggest instrument to take us over is to control our minds through their mass media. That’s the most effective way we can get infected with their poison: their media is definitely a weapon of mass deception. With that in mind, and remembering what the guy with the moustache told us about the Big Lie, you might want to consider this: So, I have some questions about Paris. Why are men in bulletproof vests on the roof overlooking the shooting and not responding? Why do police appear to be clearing the street before the shooting even begins? Why is the ‘live’ footage spliced? Why are there no cars on a… Read more »

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