Insights from an Observer: Choices (8-21-14)

train tracks

Tonight, join an Observer as we discuss the impact of the choices we make in regard to where we put our time, our effort, what we buy, where it is made, and a small challenge to you all.

Call in and have your say.

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6 years ago

Somebody didn’t get the 30 year old memo . Which is, The White US. was taken over by the Anti-whites in and around 84 pushing the economic global agenda. The Richest 33% of Whites of the White race back then sold the rest of us 77% of Whites out to cheap other races labor . They literally voted and placed leaders in positions to institute policies to GUT the middle & lower classes into SLAVE race status . Since then most of us Whites of low income have been surviving on scraps from garage sales & food banks. Its great if you have the gas to run around the country side and pay for good quality stuff but most of us Whites are in survival… Read more »

6 years ago

Obs, c’mon, admit it, you are a ‘workaholic’. 🙂
Yup, craftsmen were the tools, like we used to say skilled hands produced quality, quality tools in skilled hands produced art.

6 years ago

WRONG. Quality tools in skilled hands produce quality products. Art is not a product & is subject to an individuals “Feelings” Which can be of inferior Quality to other people . But the material creation can be quality itself if you get what I am saying.

6 years ago

@Correction no I do not have a clue what you are trying to say. There are specs and variances, “quality products” fall with in tolerances . Tradesmen who consistently exceed them , are artists at their craft, superior to just acceptable standard and that its self is subjective. Mechanics who progress past just being parts changers, actually solving a mechanical deficiency are no different than any other artist (formula 1 mechanic can be an artists at what he does because just any mechanic can not do what he does). Just as a painter who paints well is not in the same class as the ones who can create everything, right down to the colors and brushes are artists. Even a computer programmer can be an… Read more »

6 years ago

Lets take your basic 56 chev. or nascar . The artist would be the guy or woman that paints the thing OR designs the body shape only. Those things invoke “feelings” in the viewers they imo could be artists . Now it is true that certain engine designs on paper & visual observation do invoke “feelings” from certain viewers myself included I totally agree that balance, form & function, Is a TRUELY fantastic thing to see and experience bordering on perfection. When everything is at peak operation in given operating parameters. BUT, The people that perform maintenance & construct the thing Are NOT Artists! In my opinion they deserve a much HIGHER degree of respect As SUPERIOR CRAFTSMAN, A MUCH BETTER & VERY DIFFERENT TITLE… Read more »

6 years ago

Wow. Lots of great comments on this program—thank you all. One at a time, then: 30 Year Memo: I wasn’t saying I was wealthy. I’m not. I never once mentioned “driving all over the country” buying things. I mentioned eBay. Do you know what eBay is? You must as you have an internet connection. You claim poverty, but you have access to the internet, a luxury. Your story has more holes than a strainer, and I’m not buying it. I suspect you have an agenda to push here. But I am a stubborn man, and a reluctant optimist. We aren’t finished. If you believe this is so, perhaps you need to have a long reconsideration as to the reason why you are here. This movement… Read more »

6 years ago

Personal insults & slander against White race people like me is not going to change the true facts of our White race situation of White genocide & coming extinction, By the way, are you of the White race ? or just a mole? If you are White, consider this, the net is free at the library, ebay is owned by the rich controllers , every time you use it they get money from you. What I have found is there are mostly 2 types of people with 2 general solutions to stop our White race genocide & extinction from happening . The first White race preservationist types promote buying property for Whites only , to live on & moving there with other Whites, also giving… Read more »

6 years ago

30: You must be new here. I didn’t insult you, so quit bitching. If you want me to insult you, as you have been insulting me, then that can be arranged. You desire today be taken seriously? You desire to have an exchange of ideas? Then don’t be such a condescending fuck, it will get you nowhere. I never said voting/democracy/mob rule was the solution. Democracy is a failure. What now? I never advocated against separating from the muds…quite the opposite, in fact. “If you are White”??? Shut your fucking mouth. I can trace my family name back to around 400AD in Northern Italy. What about your family? I know my blood. Do you? You sound like a kike, just lobbing insults yet claiming to… Read more »

6 years ago

30 kind of sounds like a troll.trying to see how many times they can use the word WHite without anyone noticing. Nothing wrong with using it often,i do so myself, but “Personal insults & slander against White race people like me is not going to change the true facts of our White race situation of White genocide & coming extinction, By the way, are you of the White race “?

4 times in 1 sentence,and it looks like he was trying so hard to squeeze them all in there that he wound up saying puzzling,grammatically-incorrect, asian-sounding stuff like “white race people like me”.

A White man from the UK or America knows his way around the english language.

6 years ago

Thanatos: Precisely.

6 years ago

With regards to our multifaceted commentator(s)… I try not to mire myself in meddling or accusatory tones… but… there has amassed in very recent times in the Renegade-o-sphere a slew of commentator(s) bearing the same general syntactic alignment. They lack the rudiments of orchestrated critical analysis and appear to be superficial chicken-scratches based on circular observation. Simple sarcasm and rhetoric would have been a far more effective method.

Oh. When you check the Tribune, a lot of these comments originate from the same IP and have been linked to the same outsource group. So there’s that.

Four ha’pennies and a tip of the ‘ol crumpled hat.

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