John Beattie’s Premiere: History & Current Analysis (3-30-16)

William John Beattie

John Beattie is the founder of the British People’s Party of Canada. He has been in this struggle for decades upon decades, working with such figures as George Lincoln Rockwell and Dr. William Luther Pierce, and organizing his own large demonstrations. Listen to his history and get his thoughts on the situation White currently face around the world.

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thank you renegade. This man has passion and honesty. at my age I would like to meet someone with this understanding.


thank you I enjoy the humor


hahaha I LOVE THIS GUY he cracks me up! what a chracter lol


*character lol

Definitely would like to hear more Beattie on Renegade.


This was awesome. It would have been great to hear more anecdotes about the time Beattie met Pierce and Rockwell and all the other luminaries from the past. If you read this Mr Beattie don’t rush the stories just recall as much as you can about your past experiences on the racial right. We love to hear it.

Will do so gladly.


Great show! Definitely have Mr. Beattie back on again! Better yet, have him on as a host.


I enjoyed this show. Can we have Mr Beattie on again please? Perhaps teamed up with another presentter/guest?