Joyster & Friends: Jim Fallon – Psychopathy (12-29-16)

Joyster, Rebecca, and Josh speak with Jim Fallon, who writes and speaks about psychopaths and to psychopaths.

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Thank you everyone.
I can be reached at
I am down, but not out, and looking forward to keeping in touch and working with Renegade in a new capacity or in the same one at a later time.
Be well!

That sucks!!! Really enjoyed all your shows, what happened? hopefully youll come back. 🙂

Hope you’ll be back soon Joyster. I enjoyed your voice and shows too.

What the fuck is with your comment, WTF? Renegade is the best thing on the internet. You obviously know every-fucking-thing, so why don’t you do a show?

Then you can fuck right off and take a volcano bath. It has antioxidants.

So why exactly do you come here so often then? Mentally ill would be my guess given your comments are generally all over the place

Thank you Joyster & Friends
I have only heard the last 2 of your broadcasts and have found them to be informative and inspiring to research more into the issues raised given the pseudo science behind psychiatry. Freud- “if Americans only knew we bring them the plague”. Sorry to see you leave so soon Joyster as I think you are of my generation and therefore I can relate very easily. I think Chris Dorsey was on point but then I agree with a lot of his suggestions as I think he agrees with the Cossack solution.
I think the womb and first 3 years in this realm are the most critical, which I sadly have been unaware of for my loved ones.

Chris Dorsey was the highlight of the show.

Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen

One thing is sure…. you are not boring Chris Dorsey!
Thanks everybody for a very interesting show.
Jim is just as ignorant about the Jew World Order, as you were Chris Dorsey, first time I listened to you, and you talked nonsense about Hitler 🙂

Chris has the right mind and intention but bad attitude. Sometimes, it’s better to guide than to attack especially in this case.

Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen

I think Chris did the right thing and he has courage. He said nothing but the truth and Jim has to wake up. We don’t have time to all this guidance. Either they wake up or they don’t.
Nobody else told Jim who he is working for. Jim is not going to change things from the ‘inside’. He has to stop working for the enemy and he didn’t even get paid.

First of all, thanks to you folks (Joyster, Rebecca, and Josh) for having him on as a well known expert on that field.
Secondly, after listening to one of Fallon’s presentations on YouTube where he mentions his ancestry, I have to say that I’m a bit suspicious of the situation also.
I have nothing more to add, just of watch this and make of it as you will.
Again, Chris has a very good sense of smell but he shouldn’t fire a cannon at a rabbit.

After watching the vid Yrton link’d to I wouldn’t trust this guy, Nelsen Mandela is one of his hero’s!? I remember one of Tom Meztger sayings ” If your not a jew you sure act like a jew.” and” Everyone’s a jew until proven innocent.”
This guy has been around enough to know the score.

“Everyone’s a jew until proven innocent”??! Well, that’s the text-book example of a psychopathic paranoid’s statement!…

That’s some funny shit. My interpretation of the quote is not to trust anyone until they prove themselves trustworthy by the standards that one has set.

That is almost a twist on Napoleon’s take on the jew. “A jew is guilty until proven innocent”. I think that’s correct.

I wasn’t thrilled at the title of his book and I am well aware of psychopathic type people using their “character defect” to promote psychopathy as something positive in an evolutionary sense.
I was hoping to make the concept more accessible and presented in more in laymens terms.
I will watch this youtube, but in the meantime I am not sure what this guy is up to…hmmmm
Psychopaths make the world go round and make it a freakin’ nightmare.
Look into it and protect yourself and your loved ones

Many contradictions in this discussion and the one of his on YouTube. One thing for sure is psychopaths are master manipulators. The talks on that YouTube channel are very telling on what they have in store for our future, and we ain’t in it!

Upon listening to the playback of the show…I feel I owe Chris an apology. He said everything right. I wish I had the body of knowledge to call out someone who is so clearly blind to what is going on. I was wrong to accuse Chris of being disrespectful. He was just telling the truth.

I know why you reacted this way. Maybe I would have done the same in this situation. It’s white empathy towards Jim. You felt sorry for him and I also did that a little…. But Chris was right.

From an email i received and my responses Hi Joyster , Hi Jeff Interesting talk between you & Jim . I didn’t want him on the show, my co host did Is it possible that you & Jim are the psychopathic ones because you place making money over the priority of stopping White race genocide by separating from its causes ? Why and where did you get the idea that I have a priority on making money? I am on disability and am unable to work. I hate money ! Really think about it . Most ALL brainwashed people -(By the Rich controlled medias since film & radio started in history ), think they are normal because everyone else that -(Primarily watches TV & gets… Read more »

Excellent show! The compartmentalisation is enormous in this social engineering experiment, and a long, slow, continuous process in which the enemy does not mind to sit back and watch the results play out. Meanwhile, the psychopaths are multiplying like rabbits. Chris nailed it with his comments!!

Jimbo is eighter ignoramus about JWO or shilling for them, especially since he tried to inject holocaust bullshit into his story…

Chris “The Man with the Plan” Dorsey going in blazing.

Everyone needs to watch the video Ytron linked to get the broader picture. Psychopaths are master manipulators indeed!