Joyster & Friends: Mental Health and Psychiatry (12-22-16)

Joyster, Rebecca and Josh talk about the insanity of the “mental health” industry, how people are being controlled through psychiatric treatment, and why people are not well-adjusted in this sick society.

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On behalf of all the “mentally ill, crazy feminists” out there I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for this show.

We love you Sinead, and wish some of your detractors would come and visit us in Texas. You have far more love and support than you have haters. I know how negativity can crush a person. Fuck them! Know you are genuinely loved by many.

Thank you Rebecca. It’s nice to know there are people out there that don’t think I’m certifiably insane lol

There’s a lot less of that out there than anyone would think. Most people just use those words to cover fro the fact that they’re jealous, uninformed, have an inferiority complex, are just ignorant cunts or do in fact have a mental condition themselves. Calling someone mental with words is the easiest thing in the world to do but that’s why the simplest of people do it. Keep up the great work Sinead. Have a great Yule everyone!

You’re brilliant, Sinead – a high IQ and a killer sense of humour! Love your shows/videos.

Excellent show important topic, thanks Joyster, Rebecca, ad Josh!

Very interesting.

The Jews have a system of trauma rebuild in there image going way back. In England after killing the king ending the expulsion of Jews they spread the plague in 1666 to punish and tame the Brits and most of all allow the kabalistic training before murder and then after the sacrifice buy up all the land business. A good book is “journal of the plague year” Where you get magic pills abracadabra as a power word to ward off the plague along with positive attitude of do nothing like now before they murder you. The 1950’s had the import of the quack Jewish Germans that degenerated Germany to her almost destruction before being destroyed. The wandering Jew moves from place to place spreading fear… Read more »

The removing of homosexuality as a treatable condition was the result of homosexual extremists using their typical maumau bullying tactics. The purpose and effect was to remove any hope of conversion therapy for homosexual people who do not embrace their urges. It criminalizes any psychologist who agrees to try and help a homosexual person seeking help to escape their orientation. All so radical queers don’t get their feelings hurt.

The degenerate is the tip of the kabalistic Spears. Social distortion and sewer society allowed them to swim free in the pigsty unnoticed.

There is a reason the ancients had the god of the thief and merchant be the same and the lie be a mark of shame and eternal dishonor.

Yes, the important part is that the fundamentalist buttboys can sue if their feewings get slightly chipped on the rim. That is what it is really about. It is about hiding behind the nutsack of the State so when you (impersonal use) feel you have enough of a case to strip someone out of a couple of 100 thou, then here it goes.

I dated a guy once whose parents had him subjected to electric shock therapy because of his drug habits. He suffered chronic back pain as a man in his mid-30s. He also drank to cope with both his hatred for his parents and his physical pain. The family was very wealthy and his father served as general counsel for a major corporation.

Essential to watch about mistreatment of patients – Tittycut Follies

Thank you for this Sam!

You’re welcome.

so it sounds like the psychiatry attributed to Freud is being used in mass now, mass media. Can anyone provide me with methods and technique the population is being controlled and programmed methodically?

DSMV and massive drugging.
Tons of so called disinformation on mental health.
“Behavioral sciences” of the Tavistock Institute

Idiosyncratic Journeys

Listening now. I wish I was listening live I would have called in on this issue and will listen to Joyster’s next episode which I noticed was on this subject after this one. (At work now, usually when I listen to the radio shows.)