Joyster & Friends: New Age Nonsense & Religious Retardation (12-8-16)

Joyster speaks with David, Urban, Josh, Fred, Rebecca, and chris dorsey about the New Age trap and how much money it makes for the gurus while keeping people locked into a new box, though some valid concepts might still be there.

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We need to recover from the mass delusion of Positive Thinking

Idiosyncratic Journeys

It is so fake. I currently deal with people in my daily life like this all the time. They will ignore the fact of people who screwed them over and be friendly with them because they have “positive” energy and then when you point out why they are hanging out with sociopathic people then they accuse you of having “negative” energy.

You’re being negative man, daaaamn

The jews have systematically destroyed white families and communities. They then sell you one of their poisonous solutions: religion, cults, food, pills, gurus, drink, drugs, porn, shrinks, vaccines, sport worship, entertainment, robots and consumerism, oh and those giant nappies, dummies and rattles if you want to be an adult baby! The jews have a cure for every taste, wallet, class and intellect. I just think people are instinctively searching for their lost natural birthright. The things money can’t buy like: your own family, friends and ( proWhite ) group. If i can see ‘the problem,’ it proves it’s not an IQ thing. Until people wake up and confront the one true enemy – jews, they will continue to shop at “kosta Kosher Fetish & Sons”… Read more »

Hi Anthony, I found a christmas card for you on a danish website. God Jul 🙂

Sorry, I mean Jule card 🙂
In Danish, Swedish and Norwegian “Yule/Christmas” is “Jul”. It comes from “wheel” which is “hjul”…. Sun wheel is “SolHjul”. So there you see where “Jul” comes from 🙂

Now that’s more like it! What a lovely card – thanks for sharing. Being British, i felt it was ill-mannered to leave without buying something ( they were giving me the third eye i felt lol ), so i purchased the 3 ‘Yule’ cards.

The most ‘Pagan’ one will go to a nice family. My sister will get the scrawny black cat, with 2 little demons stealing the mince pies?? And Mrs D, my 82yr old neighbour, will get the busty gothic warrior woman with wings and sword, perched on a mountain – yes very Yule lol. I think ( hope? ) she gets my humour.

Now I made some Jule Cards for you and people who will use them. I made them from pictures I could find, and change them a little bit. I’ll send them to Kyle, and maybe he will send them to you.
I will also ask him to post them on the tribune.

There is a film that goes into some aspect of this called The Century of the Self by Adam Curtis. Says marketing realized they could begin to sell people stuff in some sense of giving them unique style an exclusivity. I have noticed these new agers will act like you could even postive think the poison out of the water, etc. People have to consider the balance factor the secret people don’t don’t understand things are not going to fall in your lap you have to get off your ass. The individual freedom depends on the collective. For example one person cannot stand up to the capitalist jew boss, but many together could threaten to call in sick all at once a couple days. I… Read more »

Thank you everyone.
Sorry about the tech issues

Great show and thank you for what you are doing! I believe the majority of the New Age cults and gurus if not initiated by jews are usually infiltrated by them. (Wilhelm Reich,Ra’elians, David Berg TFI, and so many others). I did wish to say I found Prabhupadas work truely enlightening and he had a lot of great things to say of Hitler, the caste system, Aryans etc. However the Hkrishna movement is a prime example of jewish work. Prabhupad was surrounded by them, they stole his book rights which totaled millions in revenue, many believe they poisoned him and overtook the ISKCON temple running a pedo-ring. It is now led by the jew Richard Slavin (Radhanath)who appears with Obama and Dr. OZ. So… Read more »

Prabhupad sure was a good cook.
I have Yamuna Devi’s huge and beautiful cookbook

Great show guys! This was a great topic to discuss. I definitely got swept up in some of the “new age” silliness. I am glad you mentioned the good things that came from the new age as well.

Dave, I was raised from my youth to believe the Bible as well. Finding out that not only was I following something that was false but destructive to my people was very traumatic. That’s how I found Renegade – through Charles Giuliani. He played a big part in waking me up to the Jewish Problem. If you want to here my testimony go into the archives and listen to the first hour of Charles’s show on 2-8-16 titled “Christianity, Kissinger, & Cold War”. It’s on page 10 at the present.

Luke 22:10
And he said unto them, Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in. referencing the astrological movement into the zodiacal house of Aquarius.
One of many sources documenting the signs of the Zodiac correspondence with the so called 12 tribes of Israel.

Very interesting discussion indeed, thank you !

(((They))) use the Eastern spiritual ways because it isn’t White. Constant deflection and digression, but don’t let the Whites hook back into their own true spiritual ways, which were the original ones. The 9 virtues for example. Yes don’t let them have any root value that isn’t authentically and wholly White. Nothing against the brown people. It is as though Whites have never had any of their own spirituality, and also some kind of energy connection that can be used ie.e Vril.

They mainly push Eastern bullshit as it is so feudalistic and backwards, especially the cult they have in Tibet. The aristocracy are pining for the good old days of theocratic feudalism.