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9 years ago

To Fascist Lemming, I listened to your show yesterday and found it very entertaining with quite a few burst of fun when you used those expletives to describe the one ‘butt-hurt’ for another. I thought the music was good until I checked out their official website and as you will see they are no friends of ours. Europa Europa Live February 4th, 2015 Karin and Olof of The Knife will perform as part of the anti-nationalist cabaret ‘Europa Europa’ at Vooruit in Ghent in March. Performance details Political cabaret with Ful & The Knife Don’t expect a concert by The Knife. For ‘Europe Europe’ the Swedish electric duo is collaborating with activist art group Ful. The show is an anti-nationalistic cabaret that wants… Read more »

J Middleton
9 years ago

Good and informative show, even if it was pre-recorded. I appreciate your efforts exposing the obvious online Jewish anti-White agenda and I’m sure that a lot of other White nationaists and patriots appreciate it as well. Here’s another one for team white to bring attention to. She’s a Youtube Jewess that goes by the pseudonym “The Patriot Nurse” pretending to be some sort of libertarian so she can infiltrate the growing patriot movement. This is important because a lot of people in the movement have become aware of negative Jewish influence and the fact that Jews are the creators and pushers of communism, which they hate. And she just happens to promote their diversity ideas in her videos too. What a surprise.

9 years ago

Also enjoyed the show FL, entertaining 🙂 However, I’m glad Mike brought that up about The Knife. I stopped listening to their music a few years back when I found out their political leanings. I find a lot of these bands get into leftist politics when they’re quite young and have a very incomplete, immature “understanding” of what they think are the issues. Unfortunately with most of them they never bother to research any further and stick with their somewhat ignorant, incomplete ideologies throughout their lives. I’m sure for a majority of them it is also simply because these ideas are seen as “popular” in leftist circles & mainstream media and therefore results in more fame and shekels, although most would never openly admit it.… Read more »

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