Kyle Hunt

Kyle Hunt received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology and theater, worked briefly in Silicon Valley, and then became involved in the alternative media in 2008. Over the years he has covered topics such as symbolism, mythology, occultism, spirituality, paganism, racial realities, revisionist history, politics, and anything else that might pique his interest. Kyle is best known for hosting a popular online radio show, founding Renegade Broadcasting, and leading the controversial 2014 White Man March in an effort to raise awareness concerning the ongoing genocide of European people across the world. In short, Kyle is a man on a mission.

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The Solar Storm: The Ascension Party (11-22-15)

The Solar Storm: The Ascension Party

Kyle talks to some good folks about important issues. The first hour is spent with Pat Privilege discussing how to bring our struggle and awareness to a higher level. The second hour is spent talking to Tommy Ferguson about his Kickstarter campaign...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Jayme Louis Liardi (11-15-15)

The Solar Storm: Jayme Louis Liardi

Kyle talks to Jayme Louis Liardi about his new book Revelation: A Return to Virtue. Topics include: the indoctrination system that imprisons our bodies and minds, the plastic consumer culture all around us, awakening the true spirit, finding ways to live a virtuous life, recognizing racial realities, seeing the signs of synchronicity,...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Angelo & John - Fixing Our Diet (11-8-15)

The Solar Storm: Angelo & John – Fixing Our Diet

Kyle speaks with Angelo Gage and John Rose about how the modern diet is destroying people and how simple it is to fix these problems by eliminating processed foods and animal products. John discusses the juice feast and explains how it works. Angelo shares his own experiences with...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Seana Fenner (11-1-15)

The Solar Storm: Seana Fenner

Kyle speaks to Seana Fenner of Odinia International. They discuss the importance of our ancestors, communion with the dead, connecting with the gods, the possibility of reincarnation, the role of Ragnarok, Seana’s recent articles at, and much more.

...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Robert Reyvolt (10-25-15)

The Solar Storm: Robert Reyvolt

Kyle speaks to Robert Reyvolt of Incendiary Radio about controversial topics.

...Read More »

The Solar Storm: The State of the Struggle (10-18-15)

The Solar Storm: State of Our Struggle

Kyle discusses the current state of our struggle, why we need to stay focused and fearless, and how we can bring the fight to a new level. Horus the Avenger from White Rabbit Radio comes on in hour 2 to talk about current events and...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Mike Walsh (10-11-15)

The Solar Storm: Mike Walsh

Kyle speaks with author, poet, and long-time European advocate Mike Walsh about his history and current events. Topics include: Mike’s upbringing, his involvement with the British Movement and Colin Jordan, their reception by the British public, thoughts about World War 2, the effect of the Soviet Union on Eastern Europe, the racial struggle...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Going the Distance (10-4-15)

The Solar Storm: Going the Distance

Kyle discusses what it takes to keep struggling until we achieve victory. You might get tired of fighting an uphill battle, going toe to toe with an extremely powerful foe, seeing setback after setback throughout our history, but we must keep our eye on the prize and be willing to do what it takes...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Drew's Debriefing (9-27-15)

The Solar Storm: Drew’s Debriefing

Kyle speaks to former Renegade host Drew about his time with the network: the ups, the downs, the cucks, the clowns, the smiles, the frowns, and a whole lot more.

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The Solar Storm: Winds of Change (9-20-15)

The Solar Storm: Winds of Change

Kyle speaks about the need to stay focused on victory, despite our dire circumstances.

...Read More »

The Solar Storm: The Invasion of Europe (9-13-15)

The Solar Storm: The Invasion of Europe

Kyle speaks about the recent “refugee” crisis in Europe and who is behind it. Topics include: previous Muslim invasions of Europe, jews opening the gates, ISIS and the creation of Greater Israel, Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia, the storm hitting Mecca, and much more.

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The Solar Storm: Helter Skelter 2.0 (8-30-15)

The Solar Storm: Helter Skelter 2.0

Kyle discusses recent events and ties everything together to form a bigger picture. Topics include: Charles Manson and Helter Skelter, the Virginia reporter shooting, false flag events, gun grabbers, Donald Trump, David Duke and Tommy Sotomayor, and much more.

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The Solar Storm: Jack Andrew Renshaw (8-23-15)


Kyle speaks with British National Socialist Jack Andrew Renshaw. The discussion will focus on: Jack’s upbringing in Britain, his work with BNP Youth, the BNP purge of Nick Griffin and real nationalists, the promotion of civic nationalism, National Action’s street activism, the recent White Man March events in Newcastle and Liverpool, the merits of National Socialism, and much...Read More »

The Solar Storm: White-Wing Politics (8-16-15)


Kyle discusses some important articles from in the first hour and then speaks to Horus the Avenger in the second hour.

...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Dr. James Sears (8-9-15)


Kyle speaks to Dr. James Sears, founder and leader of the New Constitution Party of Canada and editor of Your Ward News. Topics include: the newspaper and its mission, hate laws in Canada, handling the jewish issue, multicultural gentile collaboration to reverse cultural Marxism, chemically and psychologically...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Karin Smith (8-2-15)

The Solar Storm: Karin Smith: South Africa

Kyle speaks with South African activist Karin Smith. Topics include: a brief history of South Africa, what life was like during apartheid, Communist agitation against Whites, terrorist Nelson Mandela, the fall of apartheid, extreme violence committed against Whites, economic hardship due to affirmative action against the White minority, parallels to the situation we...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Ian Peeke (7-26-15)


Kyle speaks with Ian Peeke of Pegida Ireland. Topics include: the destructive relationship with the European Union, the history of immigration into Ireland, the ongoing program of racial replacement (aka genocide), false “nationalist” parties in Ireland and alien elites, recent resistance movements, the new Identity Ireland...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Stefan Timm (7-19-15)


Kyle speaks with Stefan Timm from ThuleProductions on Youtube. Topics include: Being Aryan, National Socialism: The Right and Only Way to Free Ourselves, White National Socialism vs. Nationalism, reactions to Hellstorm, signs of hope in the German nation today, and much more.

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The Solar Storm: Angelo Gage (7-12-15)


Kyle speaks with Angelo John Gage, chairman of the National Youth Front. They will discuss: the war on Whites, the attack on Southern heritage, the brewing civil war, NYF’s campaign against Saida Grundy, the media’s response to pro-White activism, and plans for future campaigns.

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The Solar Storm: Gahary & Thorn (7-5-15)

The Solar Storm: Gahary & Thorn

Dave Gahary is the web editor for American Free Press and Victor Thorn is an accomplished author who recently edited America’s Racial Powder Keg. Kyle speaks to Dave and Victor about the recent corporate and federal attack against the Southern people, the...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Chris Fogarty (6-28-15)


Kyle speaks to Chris Fogarty, publisher of and author of Ireland 1845-1850: The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept it “Perfect”. Topics include: events that preceded the genocide (often mis-labeled as a “famine”), the general treatment of the Irish by the British Empire, Ireland’s vast agricultural resources, the massive food removal program, reactions...Read More »

The Solar Storm: The Crazz Files (6-21-15)


Kyle is joined by Adam and Garth from The Crazz Files. The discussion involves a variety of topics: vaccines, health, pharmaceuticals, psycho killers, psychological operations, Dylann Storm Roof, black on White violence, state-sponsored terrorism, parasitic elites, and much more.

...Read More »

The Solar Storm: The Daily Shoah (6-14-15)


Kyle speaks to the goys from and about: the format and purpose of their sites and podcasts, typical negro behavior, typical poolparties, Rachel Dolezal, transracialism, transsexualism, happy merchants, bad feels, edginess, trolling, White Nationalism, and much more.

...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Nicholas Kollerstrom (6-7-15)


Kyle speaks with Nicholas Kollerstrom, PhD about his new book Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust: Myth and Reality. The discussion involves: his academic interest in the subject of the Holocaust, how it led to him losing his position at University College London, the most compelling and complete evidence for the event being a hoax, the figures...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Robert Ransdell (5-31-15)


Kyle speaks to Robert Ransdell yet again, covering a wide variety of topics: reflections on Robert’s Senate race, his legal victory after the MLK protest, his recent activism with TradYouth, his possible future with the National Alliance, criticisms of his no-nonsense approach, and much more.

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The Solar Storm: Tanstaafl (5-24-15)


Kyle speaks with the Tanstaafl, the luminary behind the Age of Treason blog and podcast. Topics include: how jews dindu nuffin, #BlackLivesMatter, White genocide vs. White suicide, free speech vs. hate speech, the plan to “shut it down,” hoax culture, kosher crusades, and so much more.

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The Solar Storm: Fernando Cortés (5-17-15)


Kyle speaks with Fernando Cortés, who was the MC at the recent International Identitarian Congress in Guadalajara Mexico. Topics include: a review of the conference, how Mexican and American nationalists can find common ground, how mass migration from Mexico to the United States is negatively impacting both countries, how Mexicans are radicalized by groups like La Raza against White...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Thomas Goodrich (5-10-15)


Kyle talks with author and historian Thomas Goodrich about the recently released Hellstorm documentary. Topics include: the massive response from the public so far, the biggest areas of historical contention, Russian losses, why people should buy the book, Tom’s new book Rape Hate, why this work is so timely, and much more.

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The Solar Storm: Robert Reyvolt (5-3-15)


Kyle speaks with Robert, host of Incendiary Radio on Republic Broadcasting (Sunday nights, 11pm-1am Eastern). Robert is constantly fighting against the world domination of the “Chosen” and their anti-White agenda. Topics for tonight include: the recently released Hellstorm documentary, black riots across America, the anti-White establishment, conspiracies, and much more.

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The Solar Storm: White Lives Matter (4-26-15)


Kyle speaks about a number of important subjects, including: the black race riots in Baltimore, anti-White academics, the criminal cabal and their various machinations, conspiracies, theories, and what not.

...Read More »

Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (4-25-15)


Kyle hosts. Call in or else.

...Read More »

The Solar Storm: Dennis Fetcho (4-19-15)


Then Kyle interviews Dennis Fetcho, host of Inside the Eye Live, about a number of important topics, such as: Fetch’s long history exposing the subversion of Western civilization by the “Chosen”, the alternative media scene, White Genocide, his experience with the troll Weev, National Socialism, and much more. Note: Dennis Fetcho comes on at the 80 minute...Read More »

The Solar Storm: John Lash (4-12-15)


Kyle speaks with the illustrious John Lamb Lash. John is a comparative mythologist, author of Not In His Image, revealer of the Sophianic mysteries, Gnostic warrior, founder of the Kalika War Party, and much more. Much of his work can be found on and Topics of this show include:...Read More »

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