Lugh is a young Canadian interested in philosophy, ancient history, politics, National Socialism, esoteric metaphysics and similar topics. You can find his archived shows from another network here.


Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 8-27-13

Lugh 8-27-13

Lugh gets into a little news and current events regarding Syria and other Issues, continutes some thoughts on ‘Cosmotheism’, covers a little Fichte and more.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 8-20-13

Lugh 8-20-13

Lugh talks about Cosmotheism and other issues regarding ancient science and philosophy and the modern day.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 8-6-13

Lugh 8-6-13

Lugh discusses left and right paradigms, Ezra Pound and Social Credit and a key new study Bowling for Fascism, which studies the importance of social capital in the rise of the NSDAP.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 7-30-13

Lugh 7-30-13

This week Lugh looks into some of the psychology involving the religious mind virus hoisted upon the population. Topics include the effect on love and sex, and the real death cult.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 7-16-13

Lugh 7-16-13

News and Commentary // Selections from Klassen’s WMB // The Path of Woton – The Path of the Ubermensch [[[[ Look into Jost’s Kriya which got cut off at the end of the show  ]]]]

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 7-9-13

Lugh 7-9-13

Ancient Pagan perspectives on the Jews / Nietzsche’s Tschandala.

[The archive cut out, so the article being read can be found here: part 1, part 2]

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 6-25-13

Lugh 6-25-13

Eclectic selections from Julius Evola

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 6-18-13

Lugh 6-18-13

Old Prussia and Vedic Paganism to Prussian Socialism and National Socialim, and Hitler and General Ludendorf.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 5-29-13

Lugh 5-30-13

Knight and Druid I: Knight

Christian Rightwing American Patriots, Subversive Extemism and it’s goals / Reinhard Gehlen: Traitor to the Reich? / Stocism as a new path for the “right” / Warrior tradition and spirituality

Bonus readings I did not have a chance to get to:

Lugh 5-22-13

Jung, Wotan, and the Aryan Christ

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 5-8-13

Lugh 5-8-13

Eric rejoins the program for a discussion on recent events, deep politics, internal conflicts in the world and other important issues.

Note: I was a guest on Rodney Martin’s program prior to this show.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 5-1-13

Lugh 5-1-13

Golden Dawn discussion / Neitzsche, Wagner, NeoAryanism and National Socialism vs. Marx, Engels, Judeo-Christianity and Communism

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 4-24-13

Lugh 4-24-13

Andrew Anglin from joins the program to discuss issues related to religion and European racial identity and other similar and important issues.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 4-10-13

Lugh 4-10-13

David from TX joins the Lugherbunker for an off the cuff discussion on a wide array of issues. Open lines.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 4-3-13

Lugh 4-3-13

Kyle Hunt returns to the Lugherbunker for a discussion on strategic warfare and the philosophy of warfare.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 3-29-13

Lugh 3-29-13

Covering a miriad of issues this week. Current events at the network and abroad. Open topic night for callers, so feel free to bring up any topic you’d like.


Show Notes:

Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 3-8-13

Lugh 3-8-13

Episode 16. The mechanics of manifesting a movement.

Will Miller joins for a discussion on how we can how we can cut through the clutter and start enacting real change. Recruitment tactics, the Cultured Thug concept, the Emotional Appeal method, Cultural Awakening, Adopting Symbols.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 3-1-13

Lugh 3-1-13

Episode 15. Pagan vs Abrahamic, Ancestors vs Archons. Topics will be focused on exploring religious dichotomy in history and how it affects us moving forward. I will also move to the present and discuss the new initiatives Team Renegade is taking and invite callers to offer their reflections on new solutions and battle plans.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 2-22-13

Lugh 2-22-13

Episode 14. Herr Siegfried joins the Lugherbunker for a discussion on culture and history.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 2-8-13

Lugh 2-8-13

Lugh talks about his White Phosphorus / Drone – 911 theory, and touches on the mass shooting / actor theories briefly in the first hour. And goes on to look at  the destructive miscegenation in ancient Aryan culture, CI, the problems with religion, and the Gilded / Golden Age.
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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 2-1-13

Lugh 2-1-13

The triumphant return of Lugh’s Den! Lugh discusses what happened, why he feels the way he does, where his show is going, and takes calls from listeners.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 1-11-13

Lugh 1-11-13

The scourge of British Israel, Christian Identity, American Zionism and the Pricks of Zadok. Grey Magus aka Dave from TX stops by for a chat in the second hour. Show notes:

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 12-21-12

Lugh 12-21-12

A toast to the new age!

Out with the old: Libertarians and Patriotards, Aryan and Jewish origin theories


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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 12-7-12

Lugh 12-7-12

Lugh discusses where we should go from here – what we need and what we don’t need – religion and racial issues – and making something that will work. Open lines.

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Lugh's Den w/ Lugh 11-30-12

Lugh 11-30-12

Lughs Den returns! After his short absence, Lugh is back on the air. Returning to the show is Kyle Hunt.

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