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10 years ago

good call bringing on danzig

Yukihiro Kitaguni
10 years ago

Good selection of Evola’s writings, Lugh. Since Evola’s death in 1974, this modern, “progressive”, “free” world has sunk to even more putrid depths Julius predicted; we are after all, in the Kali Yuga. Evola is a knight, a warrior, a Traditional man, yes man, who really belongs to a different age. He is the antithesis of these lovely “men”, representatives of the modern world, a flatland and meaningless materialistic wasteland run by false flag-flavored Bolsheviks. Regressive and family-destroying memes now in our prime-timed faces, taught to our children at school as normal, healthy and happy lifestyles. And henceforth, if you don’t agree, the mob will throw you in the gutter, or worse… Evola says in Ride the Tiger no matter where you look (aside… Read more »

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