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Dana Antiochus
7 years ago

I posted a comment in response, but I guess Finck deleted it. He likes to take shots at others but the big man can’t allow any return fire. CI people are cannon fodder to me.

7 years ago

LOL Dana, if only CI fanatics would realize that if they pulled this nonsense in Germany during Hitler, they would have been sent to the camps for meddling into the political agenda of National Socialism like the rest of all the trouble makers.

Dana Antiochus
7 years ago

Lugh, good show, but you faded in and out a lot through the program. don’t know if it was your mic, computer, or internet connection – or perhaps your distance or direction to the computer?

Dana Antiochus
7 years ago

i bring that very point up all the time Carmen

white lubrication
7 years ago

Hey Dana, when comrade Putin is coming to save the white race? I’m still waiting for our glorious revolutionary comrades from mazer Яussia to land in soviet tanks on our sacred soil and blitzkrieg the White House! Maybe you should ask Brother Nathanael or David Puke.

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