Militia Intelligence Report: AIPACALYPSE 2017 (12-26-16)

chris dorsey discusses the vehicles by which the Jewish World Order unlawfully controls populations.  chris and callers including David Dauterive cover topics include Jews & nukes.  The Jews who control the US, Russia. and the shadow Govt. Shutting down the treasonous AIPAC power structure.

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Damn good show, would have loved to call in but, time zones and all that.

I say call out the kike on their nuclear bullshit. I dont believe nukes exist like they want us to. Let’s infer that they did (infer used correctly), then they wouldnt use them because if they did they would both destroy their goy slaves they are “entitled to” by the almighty made up airjew, and ruin their alleged chosen birthright. If they lost their goy slaves, then (((they))) would have to take the shovel and start ploughing the soil. Everyone knows the jews are fundamentally lazy parasites, I would like to see how long they would last.


Thank you Skylgair! Great takes! I think there is a great element of bluffing at the core of the Jew’s over arching strategy.


Facebook event pages for AIPACALYPSE 2017. Please make your own.


Great show guys


Thanks Titus!


The nukejews! The atomikikes! depleted jewtonium.


Here are two AIPACALYPSE 17 event pages please make your own pages,memes,flyers,etc.

Please read with open mind

The White & Aryan Civilizations: Started 12, 000 Years ago in Gobekli Tepe to Serve Humanity (Caucasian Civilization) (Volume 1) Paperback – Large Print, August 28, 2016

Anthony Roberts

Thanks for all your hard work Chris. First the skinhead, now the fashy ( faggy? ) Those jews and their hairlarious propaganda!

aipac of liars!
aipac of white genociders!!
aipac of child-raping murderers!!!

PS Yesterday, (((DM))) online had an article on “weirdest” pizza toppings found in U.S restaurants, including: bananas, cheetos and flowers. What a strange article to have on boxing day. Are they trying divert attention away from those other “normal” creatures who like: pasta, fish and dominoes on top?


Greetings and thanks Anthony, that is a very strange article but there is always a nefarious purpose behind their unusual “news stories”


The twitter controversy between Israel and Pakistan was fueled by which is possibly CIA/Mossad site posing as alternative site and posting fake articles.
And MSM press are pushing this hard Fake News prompts Pakistan to issue a nuclear warning to Israel. It could look like CIA are pushing fake articles with their site giving MSM and government ammunition to go after real alternative sites.

Reading Fake News, Pakistani Minister Directs Nuclear Threat at Israel

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media


Thanks Nojeveje the question is not which site/news presenters are CIA/Mossad the more concise quetion is who is not?


2053 plus nuclear explosions since 1945