Militia Intelligence Report: Berlin & Ankara False Flags Exposed (12-19-16)

chris dorsey and guests GIen Sutphin & David Dautrerive break down the reaI story behind the GIadio staged BerIin Christmas Market attack and the  aIeged assassination of the Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov

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Post spam time again, I’m listening as you speak. Sorry. The Berlin death toll, check it 9… NINE people died. Now it is 12. They changed it from 9 to 12, not sure if it means anything but there it is for your info. 50 injured. Nice round number. Also the scene looks very neat and tidy. It is quite easy to convince people when thy live in a media soaked bubble and are kept away from the “harsh reality” of REAL catastrophies. Anyone who has seen even a photo of a genuine small scale incident can see the total ragged devastation and mess, yet these false flag events are so neat and tidy with their damage and debris. What utter crud. You can tell… Read more »


“It’s just like in the movies……” BECAUSE IT IS A MOVIE!

Ingrid B

Someone commenting on VC said the Turkish shooters surname is what Israelis call a Turkish jew..


Russians spell it Andrei


Nice! Well not nice, but you know what I mean. I saw this today in the paper and I thought “what excellent photography and composition”. What utter garbage this story is. I can’t believe people actually fall for this. I can spot it a mile away now. Such acted out shit it is an insult to one’s intelligence. Oh on the subject of the REAL “fake nooze” creators: THE News, check this guy out he points out all the connections and details humourously


This video isn’t a good example, sorry, cocked up the link.


Ignore the christinsanity, but the pointers and the decoding is quite interesting.


I saw the photos, and I thought: “what a total obvious sham”. Just look at the title pic of the guy lying on the floor… then look at some real death pictures of people who have fallen over after being shot. The sack in the picture couldn’t be more insultingly fake, shambolic, prosthetically theatrical if he tried. All he is missing is a 18th century costume. Nice neat death pose and inflated body. Looks really good. For a movie.