Militia Intelligence Report: Chemtrail Whistleblower & News (10-3-16)


During the First Hour chris interviews Chemtrail Whistleblower Amanda Baise aka Madison Star Moon. They discuss her testimony before a congressional EPA hearing regarding the danger of chemtrails and Geo engineering. chris also takes calls on Jeff Epstein, Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump; UN Election takeover Voter roll hacks in 20 states; Russia, US, Israel, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc unite to decimate Syria; and much more.

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Ingrid B

Caught your broadcast over on Mamis Chris, and would like to ask something. You talked about those funding the monster which is destroying this planet. Why has it not been possible to form a group of hackers with the ability to freeze all the funding, in Switzerland, London, Wall St, the vatican, or whereever? Wouldnt that bring the industrial/warmongering monster to a grinding halt, or, at least, put a spanner in the works occasionally?


Great point Ingrid! I think urging hackers to lawfully bring down the network of the Bank For International Settlements and their subsidiary criminal central banks shall become a regular segment of the Militia Inteligence Report. While questioning the legitimacy of the group anonymous on Madison’s show on TruthCat Radio i urged all clandestine hackers to target the BIS and Pentagon Infrastructure. Excellent comment thank you very much Ingrid!


Not so long ago, last year, Charles and Camilla Visited Perth Western Australia and the strangest thing happened. I’m a keen Meteorologist, have been since I was a child. On this particular day Charles was due to make a speech at Kings Park and it was televised. Anyway, as usual, I checked the Satellite photos from the Bureau and noticed a small speck of cloud about 400klm’s N/NW of Perth, just off the West Coast. Didn’t think much of it at first. As the day progressed, I watched this small cloud formation head South edging toward the coast at the same time. The actual forecast was for a slight risk of a Thunderstorm. Skies overhead and adjacent conditions revealed no such inclination for one to… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Good show amc-Chris, and thanks to Amanda and callers. Your dedication and tenacity when dealing with all these agencies and traitors is very admirable.

We have the same spraying here in the UK. I’m convinced there is a link to the severe flooding we keep experiencing. The gov will say they are trying to control the climate to prevent these disasters. We all know it’s just depopulation and agenda21. Just another weapon in their poisons armoury. Keep up the good work.


Hi Anthony thanks for the feedback. i agree with your assertion that there is a connection between aerosol spraying and flooding in the UK, US, and all other population centers where these military exercises are operational.


Hurricane Katrina and BP disaster are two major events designed to get rid of LA and entire populations of the Gulf coast. The horrific destruction of the ecosystem due to BP will be felt for decades. Fukushima and the destruction of the West Coast of the U.S. is going to be felt for decades. These Jewish bastards are destroying the planet on a level as NOTHING before able to be done. The power is in their hands for so many weapons of destruction it is beyond comprehension. Worldwide, they are killing everything vital to human existence. Their psychopathic delusions to control the planet and enslave mankind to whatever degree they desire is being worked at this very point in time. Until we gather together to… Read more »


This was a great show.


Great that the chemtrail problem is out in the open. However, there is a solution to it, and that information is what is really getting suppressed. I was skeptical myself, but two years ago i tried it myself and it works LIKE A BOSS. This year the majority of the spraying around where i live has failed. The skies are blue. Orgonite, you can make it very easy yourself, and especially the chembusters and orgone howitzers annihilate the chemtrails! I’ve got alot of pictures of homebuilt devices blowing the chem away. The so called “cellphonetowers” are part of the HAARP network, via these microwave transmitters the chem in the sky are being bombarded with emf (electromagnetic frequensies) that is what keeps them hanging in the… Read more »


how can a bunch of copper wire and some glitter encased in resin, thats not even connected in a circuit, remove the harmful signal waves of emf transmitters and effect chemtrails? can you explain how these “orgonite generators” actually work? from my limited study of these things i can only conclude that they are nothing but bumkin.

Mr Ree

HAHAHAHAHAHA! The guy said “let’s see some SCIENTIFIC PROOF” not a bunch of your own photos showing some pretty clouds with bits of blue sky with some pipe things pointing at them! WTF does that prove? That you can point a camera at things? LMFAO! Idiot! With Beserkers like you on the front line we’ll definitely win the war against the jews… NOT!!! Maybe if you spent all the time & energy you wasted on those stupid contraptions & taking photos of clouds & commenting on them in the gym & at the shooting range instead you’d be in a better position to ACTUALLY protect your family.


i have a magic rock that keeps away dragons, i know it works because i never see any dragons 😉 seriously do you have any evidence or rational explanation as to how it works?

Rabbi Gogetfucht

Yeah let’s see some scientific “proof” that these “chembusters” work please. I saw all this stuff pop up years ago when chemtrails first hit the “alternative media scene” and it sounded & looked like complete kookery then. I ain’t seen anything convincing since.


A few of many succesful chembustings.


I was blown away as usual, by all you and your guests brought out, chris, (so hope that the much-appreciated Glen is not suffering migraines) and immediately after listening, went to whooli’s to listen to Incendiary Radio, another show I never miss, where I was also blown away. It is a shame that Reyvolt’s father does not want to listen to him, which is certainly what I mostly find from my relatives, although I think that if my mom and dad were still alive, they would listen to him. Btw, unlike you, Robert of Incendiary does recommend we vote, (at least for judges) and get active politically. I do now have the name of another very active, and now targeted, whistleblower a Karen Stewart, about… Read more »


Re Timothy Kaine, please give me more details about his behavior while governor that you researched, that during this broadcast you described, repulsive and sordid beyond words, particularly concerning children. thanks.


Hi Listerine, Tim Kaine is a well known homosexual he like all other Virginia Governors ran the CPS/DSS in the state which is a well documented child rape for profit operation. Kaine’s beard wife Anne Holton daughter of former VA. Governor was a “family Court Judge”, and up until 3 months ago was Secretary of Education. Here is a creepy picture of Kaine with children of Honduras working for John Negroponte and the CIA using Jesuit mission as a front.
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How is it possible that we are “allowing” the U.N. to come to oversee our elections? WTF? The U.N. has nothing to do with our elections. Our own National Guard would be the ones to do this if there was a problem not the U.N. We are being packaged for destruction as a nation. This isn’t America any longer as it is seriously destroyed mostly already.

Nick Spero

FYI: IntelliHub is a Jewish ran site


Yeah they use to advertise on Oracle if I remember correctly. Didn’t those kikes, Popeye and his pet penis sucker Bob Tuskin have something to do with that at one stage? Popeye’s real name is Sean something by the way. I can’t remember the last name. Tuskin is as kike as they come and Sean denies being like a jew.

It use to be called Intel hub.


I remember once I called out Intel Hub in a oracle related chat for fearmongering. Within seconds Tuskin was in the room defending them claiming their information was ‘confirmed’, whatever that means. When I asked for where the confirmation came from and where I could verify their claims. All went silent. Chris Jewo also heavily promoted them.


yup i figured that, is why i qualified it with “seems” 😉