Militia Intelligence Report: Chris Dorsey’s Debut (9-19-16)


Militia members identify the organized terrorists that control the Jewish Occupied Governments of the World, and present lawful solutions for their neutralization. chris and David Dautrive also provide analysis of the latest FBI/Mossad staged events in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota.

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OK OK, Chris. I promise never to refer to myself as a “citizen” ever again. And, also, YES, I do understand why you consider the Bar as being guilty of treason. Love the way you ‘handle’ your callers. Your confidence is contageous and from now on, I will be a regular listener to your “Militia Intelligence Report”. Appraisal: five out of five stars.


Happy to hear from people and not citizens. I give much of the credit to Shaun for my ability to handle the callers he is providing me with context to do so on top of the technical aspect. I am very thankful to be a part of Renegade Broadcasting.

Anthony Roberts

Welcome Chris – great show. I thought you would be our new host – gut instinct!

You need no introduction – you are a man of OUR people. Very much looking forward to future shows.

PS Just steer clear of flat/bawl earth, good cornish jews and 9/11 ‘how’ theory lol.


Thank you very much Anthony!


Welcome to Renegade. Great start.

Shawna Marie

Love your show Chris. Also liked your interaction with callers & the wealth of information you were able to share.


Greetings Shawna Marie, many thanks for listening.


Chris Dorsey’s “Da Man”! Great addition to the Renegade line-up. Chris your energy is contagious, and I really like that you have solutions, and get that you are bursting with great information. If you are in the middle of something important, you don’t necessarily have to answer a call – you can put it on hold. But if you do answer a call, please let the caller make his/her point. That’s all.


Greetings right on good point to consider.


Top o’ the day to you. Welcome.


Thanks Skylgair.

John A

Finally got to hear the whole show! (I get lost in chat sometimes) Glad you’re at Renegade brother. I’ve been through several of your JewTube vids and there’s NO doubt, you walk your talk man. Bravo!


Greetings John A thanks, i am very happy to be at Renegade.


Welcome to Renegades energetic new host, Herr Dorsey. You are a whirlwind of information. May I suggest (and this applies to all Renegade hosts) you are not always preaching to the choir. Some of us in R’s audience are still in the jury box. We want to believe you as you lay out the prosecutorial evidence against the Jews but I want also to keep my perspicacity. I have a problem granting endorsement that something is truth just because you proclaim it. I need some independent evidence and exegesis and internal consistency. Two examples where this is weak or lacking: 1) how can we believe the government is trying to kill us if we are the tax payers and the workers keeping it going? 2)… Read more »


Greetings yozigoth, thank you for your comment you bring up important points. To address the two questions you asked, it is true that the American population pays for part of their demise, we advocate the people gaining control of the weapons and all other assets used against us by the Government. i do not pay voluntary taxes, that is state and Federal taxes. Because i am not subject to pay them, i stopped charging for and paying state and federal sales for several years while operating a retail store on Main street in Richmond Virgina I refused to pay taxes when I worked on numerous documentaries for Press TV in 2012 and 2013 despite being encouraged numerous times by an American agent for Press TV… Read more »


Great show Chris! I wonder how you see this movement of re-inhabiting the republics — with a provisional gov’t — as a viable strategy. And how do you put your militia into the bigger picture of other states. And also, would like to hear you talk about the real reasons for the war of northern aggression — was a primary reason the Act of 1871, as this fellow says?
Seems like the collapse of the US corporation opens the door to returning to the foundational republic. I’d love to hear your take on this, perhaps in a future show.


Thanks Callwen, i am going to look into the movement of re -inhabiting the republics, up to this point i am not familiar. i agree with your last point the collapse of the US corporation shall lead to the return of the Constitutional republic, or at the least that is the strategy we are employing. Thanks i shall research the subject.


Yes very interesting and i do not disagree with the presenter. Our idea is simple to restore control to the people of all valuable assets of the United States of America as mandated by all our founding documents.


Thank you!

Waters Flowing Eastward – L. Fry, is an accompaniment to the Protocols of Zion, have you seen it Chris ? Great show btw !


Thanks Roj, i am checking the link out now


Dude! It’s jeews….!


Under common law, God owns your child while the parent is entrusted guardianship


Why do I get so many downvotes? Parents don’t own their children. Do they? Call the owner God, nature or the universe. Parents parent their children, not own them. Can any downvoters please explain why they’d disagree? I’d be interested why I’m wrong.

I didn’t downvote you Letz, but I will say that my children certainly ain’t yours and I don’t believe there is a god. Nature has a part of what I created for sure, but it’s my consciousness that says, my children are mine and anybody else that tries to claim them as their own, will surely fucking die and that means more than you may think, when it comes to a situation bonded to me especially. I may explain that some day. I think having children is a privilege, for sure, but by fuck they are mine and mine alone. I have no shame in saying that at all. Do you have kids Letz and if so, do you believe they belong to nature or… Read more »


Thanks for the reply, Shaun. Maybe it’s a translation issue here. In German “property” couldn’t be applied to children.
Nonetheless, to me, it sound like the reverse logic of women aborting their children, since their bodies (and their children) are their property. That’s my problem with “property”. Sure you can value your possessions but likewise you can toss your possessions just as much.


English is a hybrid and derived language. As Clint Richardson would put it: English is a language of the illiterate. It is essentially “legalspeak.”