Militia Intelligence Report: Connecting the Dots – FBI/NSA/DHS Treason (11-14-16)


A man caIIed chris dorsey and guests verify prima facia evidence of sadistic war against the American peopIe by the “inteIIigence” arms of the Jewish occupied US Government. Guests incIude Glen Sutphin, David Dautrive, and James from Tennessee

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Great discussion as usual. Renegade is the ONLY source of consistently good info I know of. I feel compelled to post here for the first time however due to the the nonstop opiate bashing in our present society which, unfortunately, is not looked upon more rationally in much of the so-called alternative media. I find it nearly impossible to believe that such intelligent and honest folks, such as those found on this network, can buy into the mainstream narrative regarding the “drug” war (with the exception perhaps of pot). The “drug” war is a sham my friends, simply put, and the war on chronic pain sufferers, such as myself, is monstrous beyond belief…something you can’t even fathom unless you have the bad fortune of living… Read more »

Sinead McCarthy

Using opiates for pain is not the answer. One must figure out what is causing the pain and heal it from the inside out. Also, plants such as Mitragyna speciosa (kratom powder) help people without the physical addiction caused by opiates. I know that chronic pain is no laughing matter, and I deeply sympathize with what you are having to experience.


I appreciate it Sinead and a heck of a job you did with your recent documentary. Amazing how that scum bag Mandela is held by the world in such high regard. It’s also amazing how deeply entrenched the “drug” war propaganda is on even enlightened people…heck I still cringe when I hear myself say certain things from the conditioning. I think the best thing, like always and what Kyle has repeated lately, is to look to facts and reason. Yes I take Kratom and actively work to keep it legal. Unfortunately with some pain, it’s not high enough octane to get the job done. Opium itself is a natural substance, the world’s oldest medicinal, and nobody can speak of liberty, rights, etc etc while denying… Read more »


Kratom is a reuptake inhibitor. So it functions by allowing your body’s natural endogenous opiate production to accumulate, thereby causing more pain relief. It is addictive. The very nature of shifting normal levels of neurotransmitters causes addiction. The intensity of the addiction is a function of a number of factors, but I’d say kratom is less addictive than most opiates. Unfortunately, natural production of endogenous neurotransmitters can be completely wrecked by external interfernce, such as metal poisoning, which can interfer at any level in the natural pain relieving system, or “burn out” from long and high levels of pain that deplete and potentially damage the system from meeting demands of it. A simple analogy, use a 5 pound dumbbell to do bicep curls non-stop until… Read more »


Some things can not be healed. Some times the window for proper treatment is missed due to a failure to diagnose. Opiates are absolutely the solution for some of us. I managed for SIX years to endure chronic high hamstring and adductor (groin) pain from permanently damaged and disfigured tendons. My mris show holes and gaps running through the tendons. I can’t sit for extended periods of time because the pressure causes inflammation, pain, and reinjury. Think of being drawn and quartered. The drawing part is what has in essence occurred to those tendons. Think of it going on for 13 years. That’s where I’m at today. Your body’s internal mechanisms for coping with pain and inflammation weaken and give out from non-stop over use.… Read more »


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Anthony Roberts

Important show, but horrible subject matter Chris. Thanks to callers as well. So basically, the feds create and distribute these paedophile sites and images, under the pretence of using them to catch predators. A typical jew 180-twisted operation. What a bunch of evil scumbags! These jews and non-jews need to be the first into the volcano.

The sooner you Americans take back control of YOUR infiltrated government the better. It may be the impetus we in the UK and Europe need, to do the same thing and start fighting back.


Drugs are only illegal because they make more money that way. The DEA are the force behind the drugs, hence Drug Enforcement Agency. How beautifully hidden in plain sight ironic. The government make more money by drugs being illegal because they then justify their participation in “stopping” it. The drug situation is totally manufactured and kept alive by these gov forces. If they didnt want it, it would be shut down immediately. To stop this crap: legalise drugs. All these cartels have either ex military or government connections. HOW COULD THEY NOT? When dealers get busted that is when they do not pay their due to the gov. When those ships get busted, that is a warning to any drug lord playing up to remind… Read more »




That commercial at 29 minutes was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. That 3rd hour of the last round table was a clusterfuck.

Regarding the 3rd hour of last Saturday’s roundtable, that was the definition of a dumpster fire. While there is room for comedy, a house of ill repute its not. This is a forum for individuals to express their thoughts on current events, historical perspectives and an ascended vision of the future for our posterity. The dupe in modern times happened with Ron Paul in 2008. No excuses 8 years later with a low grade high bankrolled Tom Tancredo wannabe in Donald J. Trump. Chris presented solid ideas for the defense and enforcement of common European styled laws. For the offense communities must begin to be built. Start with small towns, then graduating to goals of multiple city states. A “united” empirical front is the way… Read more »


Excellent work guys!


The daily Shoah mentioned renegade again in the merchant minute segment near the end. And the five minutes before it was sort of indirectly targeted at renegade

David Marshal

Even if Trump is just kosher conservative or civic nationalist and a friend of Israel, this is so much more preferable to the soft communist banksterism of the PC Clintonistas. ( PS, Trump never raped anyone. That story the libtards love so much has been debunked and the woman in question withdrew the case voluntarily about two weeks before the election, plus Trump himself has spoken out about Clinton’s trips to Orgy island and how that needs to be looked into. Epstein was eventually banned from Trumps Marg a largo for the rumor that he flirted with the young girls too much)

Ingrid B

I cant say much one way or the other about Trump, but I can understand those who are sick of being lied to warming to Trumps honesty/straight talking. Maybe his followers are being fooled again, but I imagine the guy is walking a fine line, with threats of the JFK treatment if he strays from the script.. I wouldn`t be too quick to pin the blame for criminal acts on Trump supporters, when it is so easy for anyone to be framed.. I noticed a comment on “creeping sharia law”. I find it strange that those who are freaking out about sharia law, have no problem with being ruled by noahide laws.. I hope you get a huge following Chris, I think you have the… Read more »


Thanks Ingrid you are correct our enemies are formidabIe! God bIess~