Militia Intelligence Report: Fake News, Rothschild, Trump & China (12-5-16)


chris exposes the truth behind the obfuscation regarding Pizzagate, The CharIeston psyops, the recount,  Rothschild Trump & China, the  Oakland fire & more.

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Anthony Roberts

Another informative show Chris – thank you. I’m wondering now why two of the leading figures in the uncovering of pizzagate: David Seaman ( is it me, or does he look very jewish? ) and Titus Frost, only talk about elite this, elite that. I may be wrong, but they haven’t named the jews behind any of these compromised evil creatures in their vids.

Could they be ‘limited hangout’ damage control people like Jones or Rense? Put in place for when the wiki emails leaked, and working in tandem with this latest hoax actor gunman. Making believe the alt media is onto this, but letting it slowly fizzle out. For learned men with ‘relative’ free speech, why aren’t they calling out the jews?


That David Seaman just left a job working for Huffington Post as Pizzagate went live.


David Seaman (Born in US, probably Jew) has appeared on Cnn News, Fox News and Abc News. On Wikipedia he is listed as at forefront of Pizzagate investigation, word investigation used not conspiracy theory. He’s Pizzagate videos avarage 100k views on average. If Pizzagate Part was real David Seaman would not have appeared on the scene.



I think he was fired by Huff because he dared to write about Hillary being sick, and is now free-lance, defying MSM.

ziggy kelleher

He has said he is Christian.


Thanks Anthony i agree with your take on the Iimited hangout aspect of pizzagate in that the Iarger network extends beyond comet pizza ; as aIways i see the wrongdoers misrepresent the assertions of those who expose them whiIe pIaying the roIe of the victim
when they can no Ionger hide the truth which is that the top IeveI of the gIobaI shadow gov use chiId sIaves to Ieverage gIobaI controI this tactic is their onIy choice

Ibn Haj Amin al-Husseini

@Anthony Roberts:

Well said and you make excellent points.

Also, IMO, if you’re supposedly a “truther” of any caliber, and you do not name the Jew, than this person is very suspect, period. And of course I’m not saying they should be yelling and screaming the J word like an idiot, or not taking about other elite criminals and sociopaths and their skullduggery, etc.


Edgar Maddison Welch IMDB, he is a credited actor in 3 films


Chris deserves donations that would thus help his efforts, because he is our REAL friend. I learned so much from this show, and will spread the word. I only wish that those callers would spend time listening to his other shows before asking him what he thinks about this or that, which he has already done in the past, and THEN expecting him to spend time again going over his reasoning about those issues instead of letting him proceed with all the material he wanted to present to us. THANKS CHRIS.


Thank you


And I am so glad that you and Robert are in touch. His material for, preparation and presentation of his Incendiary Radio show is A+. I worry about his safety in St. Louis.

Ibn Haj Amin al-Husseini

Definitely. I also think it’s great how Kyle goes on Robert’s show (and vice versa).

Yeah, St. Louis is crazy (although it’s pretty bad in a lot of places these days), but Robert is at least cognizant that there are issues with some of the areas where the “youth” congregate. The main thing is to always be aware
of your surroundings as much as possible (something unfortunately IMO a lot of whites – and heck others regardless of race – are probably not, although these tend to be the SJW types), although it’s also true that things can happen in a moments notice, so you do have to be prepared.

Again, thanks Kyle and Renegade. You all are really doing a fantastic job 🙂


Interesting 4 part series by Kay Griggs on the leadership nexus of military intelligence with secret society internationalism.
Kay is from Virginia, so I’m thinking Chris might have some info about her.


Greetings frank i have heard her interviews and find them interesting; she seems as if she has Iots of great information on the coIoniaI dames but seems naive when it comes to CoIin PoweII and WiIIiam Casey i think it is a great inteI source


The so caIIed cherry marines are exposed by Kaye Griggs which is aIso essential information


The eilte will always get away with it until they cease to be The Elite.

Ibn Haj Amin al-Husseini

Great show Chris including the breaking down of this Comet shooter psyop (The Renegade crew has been doing great research uncovering this latest hoax). BTW, I also grew up in MD, but in the suburbs outside of DC (way back in the day when it was the “Chiraq” of the east coast) And totally agree 100% with your POV of Dawson. Yeah, what an imbecile saying a plane hit the “pentagram” and other BS (he now in fact believes the official ZOG story about the so-called highjackers, and is now pretty much a kosherized “LIHOPer” – as he recently talked about in a Tim Kelly interview) Anyway, Chris and Renegade, keep up the awesome work 🙂 I tried to post this a few times in… Read more »


Greetings and many thanks when the so called Ieaders of the “truth movement” are so absurd in word and deed they betray themseIves as counter productive that is aIways just the tip of the iceberg; cheers


The miII by Harry WeIch featuring Edgar Maddison WeIch starring New WorId Agenda