Militia Intelligence Report: Financing World War III (10-17-16)


chris and journalist Glen Sutphin discuss the fact that the Bank For International Settlements in Basel Switzerland is the lender of last resort for all of the Governments in the world. Topics include the Basel III accord, Military cooperation between Russia,The US, and China,The Mosul offensive, Gitmo Torture/Kangaroo Court, Cyber war, organized Jewry’s control over the Vatican/Masonry, the FBI staged bombing in Hillsborough NC and much more. Glen and chris take calls from listeners including David Dautrive. Music list$FILE/Implementing-Basel-in-Russia-Eng.pdf

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Jeb behaved very strangely. Many years ago, when he would call in, he was a Christian but we (listeners and hosts) appreciated his truth seeking and critical thinking personality for the fact that he stayed on even though Renegade was very christian-wise and critical of that mind virus.
Now, he said all these which I think are still plausible if he’s actually sincere with us with his intentions.
Hey, at the end of the day, if it works, do it and impress the White world otherwise you’ll just be another cog in this ZOG monster that has been destroying the world for the past few millennium.

What’s the bet that Assad is part of the Big Deal over there ? Miriam Susli aka “Syrian Girl”, works from outside of the University of Western Australia within a Jewish community from what I can tell, has stated that Assad isn’t a saint but he is the best thing Syria has, all this despite Assad’s seizure of her families property in Syria, she alleges. If they wanted to take this guy out, it would have been done back in 2009.
Both Syria and Iran were formed under the “Sykes Picot Agreement” after all !

Quite the psy-op….defending Assad is pro-Russia, pro-Iran, and by extension anti-Israel, or, sedition in our own land!!! These f***ers have us all deposited into their well crafted collectives don’t they, for their next move! I’m starting to entertain the idea that all the Wikileaks sh*t can be deemed a breach of National Security, and result in suspended elections and/or a 3rd term for Obama if the Republicans want him to continue the wars for the Greater Israel and the Jew World Order. The public sentiment is that Democrats would start WWIII with Russia, that would certainly provide an avenue to do so…but, as I expressed on the call, I think Trump would also play his role in doing the same, after he gets all the… Read more »
There’s no doubt in my mind that Wikileaks is a total fraud. Much of their stuff they “release” could be looked up even before Google was created, other stuff persuent to Political objectives is either made up, and or biased, to Zionist World Jewry desires, seems they feel safer with Trump, hedging their bets on a race war at the same time. Assange is a total fraud like many other so-called “Whistle Blowers”, after-all “9/11 truthers annoy him” (his own words). It’s all fanfare. Many of the truth groups, patriot pages etc, are either created by adversaries or subverted and often host staged “disagreements” with each other like Alex Jones v’s Peirs Morgan type of thing, many are managed by Feds taking IP addresses and… Read more »

I hope that chris would please reconsider using the term “white trash” as much as he does. I note that he does not call out Negroes or Mongoloids with derogatory names. thanks.

Good point actually. Everything I’ve heard from Chris thus far, albeit there’s some damn good stuff in there, suggests to me that he’s a bit soft on other races actually. He is a guest speaker on Press TV after all – just think for a second about the company he keeps there (Kevin Barrett, Mark Glenn, etc). Just saying…

Fantastic show; I learned so much. Re the male “patriot” caller, who refuses to use his ‘real’ name, referral to the watchers of “The View” as, to quote him, “fucking housewives”, how dare him. Does he really think he is superior to those women and men who choose to be in relationships that allow the woman to stay home and be a homemaker! Sickening phony.

…specifically, a woman, that stays home…if she was afforded that grand opportunity to care for her house & family…if she is watching the View for an education on current events or looking for tips to engage in the social engineering via trending cultural enrichment brought to get buy the corporate media & the advertisers of such stupidity; she should be deemed a home-wrecker, not a homemaker, in the traditionally understood white American household of high moral, patriotic, & educational standards that made us a great nation. Enough of that filth in her mind, I’m sure we’d all come to loathe that family’s complicity in destroying our values!

a man called chris dorsey of the Virginia Militia documents ISIS as a creation of the Mossad and USA Army Intelligence headquartered in Sierra Vista Arizona and the Reagan Building in Washington DC. chris also Exposes ISIS leader Baghdadi is actually Mossad agent Simon Elliot this segment appeared on AL Alam TV September 15, 2014

Chris Dorsey asks members of the Richmond Electoral Board about on going voting irregularities in precinct 606. During the last election precincts 410, 606, 705, 908, and 910 were missing 8 days after the election. This year 606 is having similar issues. All Elections officials have been questioned about this issue they are fully aware and covering up violations of election law. Electoral Board President Cecelia Dabney goes psycho when shown this information.

From: Luis Pantophlet [mailto: Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 9:16 AM To: Piper, Chris (SBE) Subject: Dear Mr. Piper: Since the City of Richmond Electoral Board has NOT certifed the election results as required by law, then i need you to help me find the tapes for precincts 410, 606, 705, 908, and 910. YOu can email or call me at Thank you for your attention to this matter. From: “Piper, Chris (SBE)” Date: Nov 14, 2012 10:16 AM Subject: RE: To: “Luis Pantophlet” Cc: “Riemer, Justin (SBE)” , “Abell, Matt (SBE)” Mr. Pantophlet, The City of Richmond has contacted us and informed us that they expect their canvass to be completed today. While the electoral board has seven days to canvass the election, the… Read more »

This discussion takes place while the Militia and Russia Today were livestreaming a DHS/VA State Police/Richmond Police staged riot during a Donald Trump rally at the Richmond Coliseum.

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Time for some comment modding…

Those are quotes from Renegade podcast^