Militia Intelligence Report: Government by Fraud (1-23-17)

Fraud: wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. ‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war.’. chris dorsey and David Dauterive discuss the past, present, and future of Government by way of fraud and deception. dorsey Dauterive and callers discuss the AIPACALYPSE, the manner in which the international Jewish structure wages war and how we the people shall neutralize our enemies. ‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war.’.

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You guys brought up the weather warfare. Here in East TN I noticed something was really wrong. Like was noted we have 6” of snow one wknd the next 65 degrees. I can’t recall the last time I saw a blue sky. Doesn’t anyone notice? I mentioned to my landlord about the “funky clouds” +get a I dunno. Im an avid fisherman or was more before i had health problems. I watched a fisherman’s video in SW Va, he said into the mic look at them crazy clouds. I posted a comment w/a link to geoengineeringwatch,org well it was blocked. I mean little ol me and some hillbilly and the JOOS are all over it! Its ridiculous. I’ve about given up on Jootube as my… Read more »

Poor dog

Hopefully, every man & woman who are assoc with Renegade can see the jew “mind virus” affecting these groups. We have the truth cure to antisemitox!! Our role and duty is to administer this cure to as many folks as possible. We all should know the various strains of JMV: femmynism ( not suffragette equality remember ) for white “jew educated” women, slave trade lies for blacks, Palestine & wars for the mussies, LGBT-filth for the mentally ill, holohoax for our white children and finally, hide the fact that all these powerful white men who control everything are jews, to rile everyone else against us of course. Just keep spreading the truth cure folks! PS Great show chris & David. I’m sad to see Rob… Read more »

The weather war is becoming irrefutable to all, thank you very much coonhound!

If it wasn’t for the jew Red v Blue schism, all nations would by default be National Socialist i.e. one where there is minimal government but one that looks after it’s own Folk in a mutually inclusive system of social organisation and direction, lead by the Folk. Look at Libya before the meddling jew murdered Gaddaffi and turned the nation over to debt. Left and Right are both dead ends. Why do we have to have separate parties for all the integral parts of society i.e. green party for environment, red for labour working people, blue for conservative etc..? That can all be take care of by ONE party of the people, why does there have to be separate parties, mutually exclusive policies that can… Read more »

Like I said before they are all dead ends to stop a National Social Folk based government from taking root. Incidentally the appropriate punishment would be to bury them up to their necks in concrete to be used as public toilets.

Trouble is, that’s not punishment – to these sickos that’s their Fri/Sat end-of-night treat!!…especially prezgodemporer!

…Oh yes, I am not thinking right. Damn, this is harder than I thought!

Excellent idea on the coup of all the trillio/billionnaires. Technically if we sieze their assets then the military and police should not have any issue because they will be paid by US who have the money then. They will simply be moved to a different master! They will still get their bread,then we can change their operational premises.

Thanks Skylgarir I believe that tactic is the only way our mission can be completed successfully.

Definitely. To me all their intense overly technical political BS is simply to make things more complicated than it is. It is all just to thwart physical action. They try and rope everything into a legal context which just means “in their terms”. Hell, it is legal to kill, DOESNT MAKE IT RIGHT!!! but at least its legal LeL! if it for the estableeshment. They want to rule reality and be the rule makers. Fine by me, if they want to decide how physics works, then if they can make me fly I will bow down to them. Somehow I think they will forever fail. And that will always be the case.

I just got banned on Google+ for say mean, hateful (translate telling the truth) about the jews. Has anyone else had this happen?

Really? What worse things than my vicious hateful holoreaming could you possibly be typing? I am jealous!! Damn!

Realy, oh shit , no time to waste

115 lbs of trouble. eh?
My birthday is in a couple of weeks too.
Happy Birthday!