Militia Intelligence Report: Israel’s Trump Card (1-16-17)

A man called chris dorsey and guests including David Dauterive and James from Tennessee discuss International Jewry’s tactic of using Israel to control all the world Governments including The US,Russia, Europe, China et al.  In the second hour AIPACALYPSE is discussed as the opening salvo in returning control of  America to her founding stock

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7 years ago

Trump.. Is he pro Israel or pro America?

7 years ago

Great show. No disrespect to Kyle, much respect for putting together this network, but Declaration of Independence from Israel? Though I agree that its the position we are in but if I’ve said it once I’ve said it 100x and the sheeple look at me like I’m an alien w/3 heads. They see Israel as this little country besieged by hostile arabs (WE know they are genociding arabs both muslim and Christian) Points I think need stressing 1-Israeli Americans=only dual citizens allowed to hold public office 2-Israel gets more aid than all other countries combined while our cities can’t get clean water abd pensions are being slashed (CAFR may be helpful) 3-the nature of the Fed, mainly that its owned by Jewish European families which… Read more »

Reply to  coonhound
7 years ago

forgot to add after go the extra mile….If going to Richmond holocaust museum why not go the extra mile to the one in DC, everyone has heard of that one and it gets many visitors 365 days a yr. Just a thought. The absurdity that we’d have a “holocaust” museum in Richmond Va, EVEN IF IT WAS REAL, is a total divorce from reality IMO.

Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Great show guys as always. Brilliant suggestion by Kyle: declaring a second independence against Israel ( and this coming from an Englishman who loves tea lol )

My only reservation would be turning the demo into a non-white v Jews narrative. Non and anti whites don’t give a stuff about us. The message should be: white Indo-European peoples are lawfully taking back control of the states. All jews & traitors either punished or deported, and only legal blacks/arabs/asians allowed to settle as non-citizens following white law and customs. Paid flights to their ancestral lands could be an option.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Many thanks as aIways AR and I agree 100 percent we shall make those points clear.

7 years ago

Chris and Kyle are awesome. I absolutely love the Declaration of Independence from IsraHell. There will be no peace for any people on earth until that piece of filth nation is put asunder once and for all.

Reply to  Renny
7 years ago

Thanks Renny, KyeI’s Declaration of Independence from IsraeI is brilliant and I am growing more certain of our success every day.

7 years ago

Israel is nothing without Zionists…as Rothschild & likes…they are suffocating & enslaving US ,by federal reserves control,congress control,white house control ,corporations control & mostly media control.Those are the very enemies of US & rest of the world.If Trump gets control of federal reserves,its a major step,than media cleaning & clearing,then congress cleaning,less foreign wars,NO cold war,abandoning petrowars,limiting activities on in land Jewish organizations,less police state & more freedom of speech & letting people share responsibility in decision

Ingrid B
7 years ago

Found this on Whooli`s chat and thought it might interest you Chris. Maybe your militia should team up with these guys: ““My brothers, my sisters. From the mist shrouded forest valleys and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, I bring you a message of solidarity, a call to action and a DEMAND for adherence to duty as members of the vanguard of an Aryan resurgence and ultimately total Aryan victory. The signs of awakening are sprouting up across the Northwest and no more so than amongst the two-fisted farmers and ranchers – a class of our people who have been hit especially hard by the filthy lying Jews and their parasitical usury system. From the beginning of this Nation to the present, the yeoman farmer has… Read more »

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