Militia Intelligence Report: Jewish Usury & Its Abolition (11-21-16)

U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Yellen congratulates Fed Vice Chair Fischer at swearing-in ceremony in Washington

chris gives detailed analysis on Jewish usury the International banking cartel, and how it is used at the root of all gIobal crime; chris calls for Militia to muster in DC Metro for AIPAC 2017

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RVA4Peace 1/28/14 to Laura.Fortunato, ataylor, bhinkle, David, editor, EKelleher, info, info, info, jason.roop, jeromereid, Jack, Jonah, jsarvay, jwhite, kodor, lmccarthy-jones, lmorris, mwilliams, news, news, news, news, news, newsroom Greetings Laura Fortunato, I am following up my phone FOIA request with my questions in writing. Bellow is a section from the VITA FOIA request page verifying FOIA requests do not need to be in writing or explicitly named as FOIA request. We require answers to these questions and documents from your institutions verifying any and all information we have lawfully requested under VA code 2.2-3700. You may request records by U.S. Mail, fax, e-mail, in person, or over the phone. FOIA does not require that your request be in writing, nor do you need to specifically… Read more »


So well thought out and worded document, chris. Hail to the RVA Free Press and to Americans for Constitional Enforcement.


Hey chris I have been away a while.. great to see you on renegade broadcasting now.. were you always on here or is this new?

Shawna Marie

Good summary of the situation I appreciate your work & I’m checking out your channel. Takes guts to stand your ground & get in the faces of the enemy the way you do.


Many many thanks for this broadcast. I was very much looking forward to this report, chris, and you did not fail to deliver. You can count on me 2017.

Sir Algernon Farnsworth

Shaun Surplus is an Australian, working for the Feds, either attempting to entrap Australian’s local/abroad or for whatever reason, various foreign governments feel it is necessary to have Shaun Surplus interact with their citizenry. Perhaps, the US Feds, European Feds or CANADIAN Feds feel individuals are more likely to spout self-incriminating shit to a foreign White Nationalist. Who knows, but unfortunately, this guy slid in under Renegade’s radar and insinuated himself. Shaun’s ‘drama’ is a Federal psy-op designed to catch those unwary enough to believe this schism. His vocabulary and other psychological characteristics suggest a higher than average IQ, but really nothing that great. Therefore, we can safely conclude, the Australian Federal police used Renegade and Kyle’s good nature to further their aims (without Kyle’s… Read more »

I would like to help spread the message about the mustering militia (already have) but fail to see a central page or spot to send anyone. Am I missing something? If not that should be a main priority, March will be here before you know it.


Thanks i shaII make a facebook page and post it on Renegade in the next day or two


Chris, the advice I was going to give you before you cut me off is that you shouldn’t encourage people to open carry and admit to regular marijuana use. You also might want to warn them not to be in possession when open carrying. Like it or not that’s what the law is in many states. Drug convictions can cause the loss of concieled carry permits. I know it should be a right not a permit; but that’s how the laws stand now. Not everyone wants to open carry like you especially women and the elderly. As far as Beatty is concerned I agree that he needed to be challenged for his miss information on the FED. I suspect that his loyalty to his English… Read more »


Obvious Police/Fed Agent/Informant ^^^


When I was in my early twenties, I was homeless for a summer. I slept on park benches and in shelters. I ate in church basements and off of soup trucks. And yes I had a circle of homeless friends. One of them thought the State Department was out to get him. He kept accusing the rest of us of working for various government agencies. We just laughed at him and asked: why he thought D.C. was a good place for him to hide? He was our reminder that we were just poor not crazy! Thank you for reminding me that I’m one of the sain ones in an insain world. Cheers!


The Pagans turned the Italian Mob into their bitches? Are you serious? They fought back through a series of kidnapings and don’t have to pay tribute. The last I’ve heard the Mob doesn’t have to pay tribute to the Pagans. Only a fool would want to piss off either of these organizations with out some greater goal than just to do so. Why do you make such brash sweeping statements?


PS. For those who aren’t familiar with the East Coast; many of the Pagans are Italian as well.


Being actively anti trump makes you pro hillary, ipso fucking facto.

Thus, you applaud:

Taxes on the middle class,
Ambush Killing of police,
attacks on white people,
millions of illegal immigrants,
Open pedophilia in the deep state,

Inter alia

Congratz, assholes.


You are such a histrionic little pussy. I never made “not so veiled threats” to you dude. I didn’t make ANY kind of threat. I simply said: Dorsey is going to run his mouth/talk over/insult/accuse the wrong man one day, in real life, and catch a bad one.

What a pussy


Let’s see, where to start here. First of all, article 31 must be amended to perform an audit on the fed.

“We’ll have our guns” “As close to the FBI as we can get” “We will put them on notice” “Jews” “Guns” “They would be executed….”

Excellent, moron.

Good luck with all that.


I only see one moron here – the dick muncher who obviously hates the show but keeps on listening anyway! Mental issues much?

comment image


I don’t hate dorsey. I was alerted by someone of his referencing me. So I skimmed thru this show. The assumptions you make betray any common sense you might possess. Instead of wasting your time creating memes, take a critical thinking course, sycophant dimwit.


“…take a critical thinking course…”

comment image


Please don’t use a disabled child to mock another poster.


I’m cripple. I think it’s apt. Things will be more ugly than this when open war breaks out. Brace yourself now.


It’s appropriate for Renegade’s inconsistent stance, sure. These children are often the ones exploited sexually, and they are even more often used as an excuse in terms of sending special ed students to ‘special’ schools like Sandy Hook.

I’m pretty much not going to continue commenting on Renegade. The lack of consistency here is just too much, you worry more for animals who don’t suffer than you do about human beings.

And before someone has the nerve to snark off at me, I’d reconsider. I’m one of few who has publicly defended Renegade in the last few weeks.


” you worry more for animals who don’t suffer than you do about human beings.”

What “animals that don’t suffer” are you referring to?


Who’s inconsistent? “Renegade” isn’t its commenters, you know that right? The comments section at Renegade isn’t heavily censored like nearly EVERY other so-called “truth” site out there – that should tell you something – that Renegade unlike all the others doesn’t fear criticism. Those who fear criticism are weak & usually heavily censor to the point of only allowing comments that stroke the ego (and parts of the anatomy) of the host – just take a peak at Slurpus’ little blog as it’s a perfect example of this BS. This comment you just made is very inconsistent with many others you have made yourself. Some of them make great sense but this one is like it’s from someone else! “Animals who don’t suffer”? Really? So… Read more »


People who are giving thumbs up here might want to pause and think a bit.

This is totally un-aryan. It’s gross, frankly. And no, I don’t have any Down’s Syndrome people in my family.


AltAlt, whilst I agree with a lot of what you comment on you’re definitely off-base with this one & you’re sounding VERY PC with these comments. The smiling, happy child in the photo is not being demeaned personally. This PDM spammer is being compared to the general mental disorder this child & many others have & that’s a very apt message imho! Get over it & stick to the more important stuff. All this “un-aryan” & “gross” stuff is silly emotive dross.


Shut the fuck up you homely gash.


Kyle and Sinead are making child sexual slaving a main issue to fight, which it should be. Often these disabled children (more often on the autistic spectrum however) are targeted.

Thanks for your comment but I simply cannot pretend that this kid isn’t being mocked. It’s base and it’s not what my sense of whiteness is. If that’s silly and emotional so be it.


Cite your sources for the claim autists are more far better. You can’t. Besides artists are largely metal poisoned individuals. Jews are going to feast on metal poisoned children. They know they are damaged and would pass that on. “Mmm moishe isn’t the mercury and aluminum delicious? I can feel it damaging my yid brain and body already!” Drop it already unless you re posting to redirect attention and waste time.


Whoever thumbs posts down incessantly without rebutting anything is a bona fide pussy.


U triggered bro?


We’re reaching levels of butthurt never thought possible


Oh, I’m fucking FUMING! Trigglypuff caliber meltdowns!

Don’t forget to thumbdown, sycophant.


I didn’t forget. Downthumbed.

Am Not

Fuck off, poofter!


“Engage me and waste your time! Do it or you’re a pussy!”

Attention seeking faggot.