Militia Intelligence Report: Jewselection, Controlled Opposition & Prosecution (11-7-16)


chris has breaking news on the early election results, the staged Trump attack, opposition agents inside the network, and how Adam Kokesh, Luke Rudkowski are Russian Jew agents. Putin, Clinton and Trump are compromised with child rape accusations. chris takes calls from listeners, David and James.

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Principles such as honour, doing the right thing, pro white – without compromise, National Socialism etc. etc. seemed to have been high on the agenda of a certain Shaun Surplus. One thing is for sure…….the National Socialists of the past would not have tolerated this foul mouthed, backstabbing and mentally unstable little man amongst their midst for just one second………This is not my network and I do greatly appreciate the content and dedication . However, I can not understand that this individual was ever given a microphone and a voice.

I’m still in shock with Shaun. Along with Kyle and Sinead, i thought he was the heart of Renegade. With me, it’s not so much the shekels i’ve sent him, but how dishonourable and ignoble his actions have been this past week. I’m also sad we’ve lost Shield Maiden, an intelligent young lady and potential great future host. I get the feeling she is innocently attracted to Shaun, and that has blinded her to jump ship. Oh well that’s three “no-goods” i’ve been jewed by. Also Eric Du-gay -” jews not a race, btw my uncle’s a 33rd mason! Plus Millennial homos – “i’m 25% fag, makes me straight??” The only chain-smoking, fizzy pop swigging, man, er thing in Scotland to have perfect straight white… Read more »

Shaun cheapened Renegade with his moronic arrested development and obliquely threatened me – physically – one time for merely disagreeing with him. I think that’s low brow to do to a man but inexcusable to do to me as a woman. Good riddance. I hope the vulnerable people being manipulated by him find their way eventually.

I’m going to re-post a comment I submitted earlier regarding feminism since a caller asked for some clarification.

Also, Shaun Surplus is making this huge issue of so-called ‘First Wave Feminism.’ There was no such thing. The word ‘feminism’ was never applied to the suffragist and labor and temperance movements, even by adversaries. The word feminism may have existed, supposedly in obscurity in France, during that period but it was never applied to the any of the women-oriented or influenced social change waves prominent during the turn of the century. One reason for this was that these movements weren’t perceived as simply ‘women’s issues,’ and therefore weren’t tagged with the jewish identity politics popularized in the 1970’s. The term and movement, feminism, began in the US with Betty Friedan’s book, The Feminine Mystique. Friedan wrote it in 1963 but the ‘women’s liberation’ movement… Read more »

funny how he was so popular then

People were being gracious and appreciative that he contributed his time, when that’s what they believed.

I graciously kept my mouth shut even though I sensed that he was a full of crap blowhard, but now I can tell the truth because he revealed himself to everyone finally.

Funny that with the many people I speak with, they are happy Shaun is finally gone and were surprised he was a part of Renegade as long as he was. Many people became creeped out by the way Shaun’s shows were centered around Sinead; as if there was a strong infatuation for her at times and a hatred towards her at other times. It would be wise to control your emotions as a host on someone else’s radio network, especially towards Kyle’s wife if you intend on sticking around. It’s just commonsense… FYI: Not many people even knew who Shaun was until I interviewed him in August 2014. He was on an island barely being heard with little help coming from Lee Rogers’s website Daily… Read more »
Sad that someone who apparently had moments of self awareness and humility took the turn that he did. He acquitted himself pretty well in the video below, when all is said and done (although I only watched about a third of it). And he actually looks better in it than his pic here portrayed him, younger anyway. My exposure to him on here was limited because I just found his energy unnerving. If he felt he was owed part of the equipment he should have made that case to Kyle privately and tried to end things peacefully, or made the case publicly if that wasn’t happening. If he felt very burned out and needed some R&R maybe he might have turned his trip to the… Read more »
“I have found that I am becoming redundant…” Perfect Nick! Thanks for putting that here for all the fanboys/fangirls to see! Please read this guys and let it sink in. Then maybe start to “think” rather than just react emotionally & subjectively. Now hear him say he’s starting a new network. Why? Why would someone who was so clear about what they said in this quote do such a thing? In light of the above quote I can think of only one reason – his “feels” are hurt & he needs to further boost his own ego. And you just know that process will be peppered with personal attacks on all & sundry as Shaun just uses it to spew more & more unrestrained vile… Read more »

Hear! Hear! Anthony! I too hope Shield Maiden can figure this one out for herself. She seemed like a genuinely good sort with a good head on her shoulders & I was looking forward to seeing her honing her broadcasting skills & becoming a great part of the Renegade team. I really hope she doesn’t get sucked down into the Surplus sewer & taken advantage of by that immature twat!

Here’s a perfect example of Shaun’s (im)maturity level c&p’d from his own little insulated safe space. For all his tough talk (and there’s an overwhelming amount of it!) and his constant reminders (every opportunity he gets!) about ALL the emails of support he constantly gets flooded with – when it comes down to it he’s really just a foul-mouthed, alcoholic (by his own admission) little twat with a history of mental issues & failed relationships who’s now just showing his true colors. I’m pretty sure we haven’t heard the end of all the (little pussy) bitching from this insecure drama queen! Anyone defending this guy, especially the ones that only know him via his presence on the internet, should be ashamed they even considered themselves… Read more »

2 sides to every story, id have thought you would have not been so quick to condemn shaun without allllllllllllllll the facts at hand

You sound a bit too emotionally attached dude. Sometimes we all just need to take a step back in order to see the forest for the trees or pause as we’re climbing up that hill to look around & make sure we’re heading in the right direction. Everyone’s be fooled by someone or something in the past & not realized it till much later. I’m pretty sure down the road you’ll wish YOU had been a bit more neutral yourself & weighed up both sides without the emotional baggage. Not attacking you dude, just been there myself in the past & not ashamed to admit it. We’ve all got to learn in our own way 😉

Thanks Anthony you have a good knack for putting things in the proper perspective.

Here’s a youtube vid of someone interviewing Shaun Surplus, nothing like the photo he had up on Renegade:

Haha! Funny how Lil’ Shauny grows a “biker” beard (and has to tell everyone about how tough he looks with it on air repeatedly) so he can pose for a photo looking “all kinds of” menacing. Classic up-facing camera as well to make him appear like he’s looking down at you – well known photographer’s “trick” (oh but his daughter just happened to snap that randomly of course!). And then when you see the real him in a video he looks & sounds like a right douche! Oh yeah that’s right, but he was sick that day so didn’t sound like his “real” self. Man this guy is just so full of it & doesn’t know when to stop! Funny how he attacked Sinead by… Read more »

Add in the close-set eyes (which gives kikes their ratlike appearance) and voila!

Thanks for being so relentless about exposing government and political corruption, chris. As much as I like wearing red and white, there is no way ll that tomorrow, I can line up to vote, for fear that someone might think that I voted for either Clinton or Trump. Great show that hammers home the truth, and taught me a lot (No wonder you smoke the holy weed, to ease your mind what with all your bare looking at the hypocrites that are deceiving us and killing our children.) Scheming jews and shabbas goys, everywhere inside the corridors of power, running us in circles, enriching themselves and their fetishes.

Thank you listerine in my experience herb is the best medicine and one of the greatest gifts that God and Mother earth provide. Our people have been utilizing cannabis since pre-history. Others and myself believe it is the best antidote to the mind control operations we are bombarded with.

I do not go in the chat room but see that “Shaun Surplus” likes to run smack about the show he is producing. “Shaun Surplus” makes off with money and equipment says he made Renegade while insulting the actual founder. What a back stabber; total Jew/Fed tactics. Got lots more from some surprising smack running “chat room warriors” that may have been showing off for the turncoat with a fake name.

This is what I always see when it comes to politics. In fact the following link is to me less fake, theatrical and insulting in comparison

Politics is a large scale and deep scale fuckfare contrived by (((them))) in order to abstract from proper, naturally developed organic social organisation i.e. collective autonomous national socialism with minimal and incidental government. Politics must end in it’s entirety. It is a way for the jews to insert themselves in the worst way into a Folk’s symbiotic natural social and environmental system and turn it into some completely detached feces hydrant time waster.

The moment back then I saw Hump on screen I thought: are you fucking serious!?!…. The play acting is getting worse by each showing.

I have to use that line anyone that votes loses their adult card. Russian spying is a very real thing.

Thank you TNJ!

enterthest4r5 two part Hillary/Trump election debacle video predicts that there will be a hillary win but with a voter fraud on counts, which puts trump in legit. But obummer said he would remain president if trump was elected which makes it a setup to keep obummer in. He is 44th president and to be the last one. Of the commenters one of them alleged that the next part was a monarch to take over, perhaps like the protocols of zion… Some sort of regime change. Worth reading through the comment posts on this video

(This is not my discovery but a paraphrase)
November (Nov is the number nine) is the 11th month therefore you have 9/11 in that right there

That sounds like a plausable outcome for the election.
If you like Enterthe5t4rz, you might like (his cheap subscription channel, Supertorchunderground is excellent, there is nothing like it for decoding)

Nice one, thanks for the reco

It sure is fun watching all the Clinton worshipers crying and screaming in rage and horror while tooling off to their safe spaces. It’s like professional wrestling, Meathead vs. Knucklehead while the jewz running the whole thing laugh and continue on Raping you in every way they can.

We get it, you people all have coprophilia & think it’s smart to post comments with poo poo references/names. Now run along & go play with your poo poo somewhere else little boy…

Probably wont make many friends here, but that’s not what we’re here for anyway I guess. I’d rather have anyone doing proper research and proof his claims, let’s say someone like Michael Collins Piper or Nick of Renegade, than someone who shouting conspiracy here, jew there. Can’t see how this helps the good side to be honest. Just saying. Bring it on chaps

wow this was quite a bad shoa chris. having david to do the bad mouthing for you… good thing david didn’t find words or had the courage to do so… but yet you kept going … ohhh the audio engineer could not help me manage some skype calls boohooohooo ?? really ..? serious ?? and then some unfounded cointellpro statements. bad shoa chriss

Stick to discussing spandex based fantasy fiction with your cult leader. I made myself very clear and will give David further opportunity to respond “Shaun Surplus” I called Shaun out for what he actually did and therefore is “Jasper Jahwey”

fyi chris, shaun had no control over your skype calls, you were the only one that could have disconnected the callers, also you may need to check all the facts about what went down before you throw shaun and us so called followers of shaun under the bus

banned again? yet all i have done is not throw shaun under the bus, so this is renegade? sad

Isn’t it strange then that with all his amazing technical prowess Shaun couldn’t even block Youtube ads on mucic videos with a simple ad-blocking plugin not just once but on several spaced apart music shows he did? LOL! Remind me to never take a computer anywhere near THAT supposed “computer repair man”! What a fucking con artist! When you hear him accusing others of lying you just gotta laugh! He always struck me as white trash tbh and if you go view the one Youtube video he’s uploaded on his channel it certainly does nothing to dispel this theory –

This idiot seriously says, anyone voting Trump can’t be called white or European lol. The whole establishment, Organised Jewry against Trump but still these idiots can’t shake conspiratard kookery. The one chance Americans have to slow down globalism, support nationalism. Renegade has gone full retard. They’re worse than info wars. At least Jones dropped his conspiracy shit and got behind Trump. These idiots put their precious ego’s before their people and nation. Cos Kyle chipped out against certain ‘Alt Right’ rival podcasters lol. Fucking pathetic. Absolute traitors. Such wasters, won’t even get off their ass to fight Clinton/Soros globalism, open borders.

Chris is awesome. He is absolutely correct that voting for Trump is a bad idea. I truly don’t understand anyone who can’t see that Trump is a complete jew tool. Oh well, they don’t say the goy are gullible for no reason.

Yes I believe one of the most effective of the jew tactics is to weaken our will which contributes to the gullibility. Thank you very much!

You mean this guy? Alex jones? Dropped the conspiracy shit? He made a conspiracy out of a pickle jar FFS!

Wow, looks like mr ex-fan has noremorse for Renegade.

Also, looks like Shaun finally hung himself with the years of rope that Kyle kept stringing out for him. As a fan of what Renegade does, I’ve been waitin for Mr Slurpussy Bitch to show his true colors and make for the exit for a while now , not that those with “eyes to see” couldn’t see those vivid colors from the get go with him. Letting agents out themselves, no matter how long it takes, is what Renegade does best, IMO. And it makes for good entertainment taboot.

Yep, you’re onto it C-dub 😉

How is organised jewry against Trump? When Trump IS ORGANISED JEWRY?! Yes politics is not White or European. We don’t organise to abstract forms of government. We are people of the Earth, not of mental constructs that are all contrived in the jew head.