Militia Intelligence Report: Jim Condit Jr. – Election Fraud & The Jewish Shadow Government (10-10-16)


Author and election fraud whistleblower Jim Condit Jr. will join chris on The Militia Intelligence Report. The two cover 100% rigged elections and controversial topics; International Banking, Adolf Hitler and much more. Calls taken in the second hour! Music list

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On the Hitler Rothschild angle, this has been played out for too long. I think people who have been conditioned for a certain amount of time to regard a certain stimulus as negative have a much harder time accepting that the exact opposite is actually true. By accepting entirely questionable information as “probably” true it allows one to slide into a position in between the Hitler = demon vs. Hitler = angel. It’s a fuzzy position that still lays a tremendous negative burden on the man, while acknowledging that the jews have lied about Germany and the Holocaust. I worship no man. I do hold in the highest regard Hitler, Tesla, and other ground breaking scientists, but this is not worship. It is an acknowledgment… Read more »

i agree; was hoping there would have been more callers that challenged Condit on Hitler- perhaps we can set up a debate on the subject for the entire show

I’ll just say this, and on behalf of one side of my family, from all the reading I have done, most of these Revisionists who state a collaboration uphold the Holocaust Myth, except maybe Mullins, who btw, calls National Socialism as National Zionism. Perhaps this is why he was allowed to live in bringing up the Jewish connection to Bolshevism preWW1, because, it projects (Golem) the myth that Israel is a “Nazi” state created by White People. Lets make it clear, Israel is an illegal impersonation exercise (psyop) just as much as it is a Military exercise ie; a “Mock Nation”, mocking “Nationalism” with its “Ethnic Homogeneity” sense of the old definition in the old Latin, for the benefit of “World Jewry” and not Whites,… Read more »

Another thing important, there are many Historical Photos and Footage/ Documents that prove the NS worked with other people from other Nations to help overthrow their own Usury Banking instillation’s. It was a Folkish Naturist Freedom movement for the entire Planet.

Libya for one. I heard it was great there until the pukemarrows blew the place up and murdered Muamar in cold blood.

Anyone who tries to break the Economic and Energy Bond is going to be a target. There does seem to be some changes on the horizon, for Example, the UN has just announced that the Wailing Wall has no Jewish Heritage, is in fact Roman. This isn’t necessarily a good thing because it has been known by some of us for a long time that Israel has no basis to exist there, their whole History is a Fabrication. And we do not need a criminal org’ like the United Nations endorsement of this fact ! So what’s the deal ? Like i’ve been saying all along, they are using it to try and fulfill Prophecy, throw Israel under the Bus while Sacrificing some of their… Read more »

Another great show, thanks Chris Dorsey. When I listened to Condit’s response to jewbanker’s question irrespective of what he said the tone with which he spoke exposed him. As in ‘read between the lines’ so too ‘listen to the tone of the voice’.

Thanks JAGG!

I’d love to call in at some point but I’m in Hawaii and I have severe health issues that lead to instability with vocal discourse. Sleep deprivation, metal poisoning induced headaches and lethargy, stuff that doesn’t come across in comments where I can take my time typing and editing. Maybe if the stars are aligned right I’ll be in a good position to call in at some point. Shows run smoother when you have callers that know what they want to say, and who can stay on topic without being too tangential (wife says I’m tangential, I think I go too deep for her to follow).

Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen

Is a long time since I heard so much shit about Hitler. Thats disgusting. Shut your mouths you ignorant men. If I didn’t know it was Renegade I would have thought this was a Jewish radio program.

Great conversation.
Dear Jim, just a small clarification.
One of reasons for not trusting any Jew, or even a crypto for that matter, is because, time and time again throughout the history, it has became proven to not only us Europeans but everyone else who have had a shared history with Jews that they are very good in disguising their agendas and identity in order to successfully infiltrate and subvert a given nation, organization, or a group.
Please, consider this.

Regarding the topic of Adolf Hitler, I’m not an expert but, from the totality of the information I’ve gathered, with the subsequent conclusions, I think he was legitimately a for-the-people man without all the unnecessary deification of the man which I don’t think anyone does at least her. Thankfully, everything you discussed in regards to this matter were points that many of us are already familiar with but draw the opposite conclusion. For instance, looking at the fact that they wanted jews out of Germany, you conclude that it was because NS was cooperating with Zionists in favor of jews to establish Palestine whereas our conclusion is that Germany was trying to get ride of the parasite, as much as possible, which must have happened… Read more »

It’s all a kosher fraud. The fiends, the format and the voting system itself. Until we strip the jews of usury, they have complete control. Don’t engage – get ENRAGED!!! Ludu everyone.
Good show Chris and Jim. I don’t agree with all your guest’s views, but interesting nevertheless.

Thank you Anthony i am planning on inviting Jim back on to address a few things such as the glossing over the crimes of the Vatican/Jesuits among many other disagreements

It was Jim Condit Jr’s video presentation from 2003 that has caused this schism between truth seekers of whether or not Hitler was a Zionist tool as well as being a Rothschild. This is still being repeated today and I doubt people are even aware that Condit was the one who put this into the ethosphere for people to repeat without looking deeper. I noticed that Condit brings up Ken Blackwell (CNP), Howard Phillips (CNP) & Roger Stone (Probably CNP since most of his associates are) in a positive light to emphasize points he is making. All three of these individuals have been covered on my podcasts relating to the New Right & none of these guys deserve any respect unless you support controlled… Read more »

I’m implying that he is solid on the Jewish issue but dodgy on many other issues & his associations…


Hear! Hear! I called John Friend right from the start – the name, the way of speaking – all BS. A classic con man. Jim Condit Jr – again, it’s in the name, another con man & BS artist. Some people just never learn – unfortunately some dumb (m)asses do also “follow” alternative media sources & these guys know their marks to fleece. How many idiots fell for John Friends scam? And yes, you’re a complete f’ing IDIOT if you gave him money after just listening to him on the internet!!!

What scam did John run? I agree about the name sticking out and then his pointless passionate arguments about how 9/11 went down when the focus obviously needed to be on the jews and how to deal with them. I know he set up some subscription based online page or something to that effect.

Really the people they get are those who are more passive and who don’t stop to ask things like okay how do we solve this problem. They allow themselves to get sucked into the minutae of the crimes rather than meting out justice to the perpetrators. That’s what growing up surrounded by entertainment will do to you.

Thanks for pointing that connection to the cnp out Nick. I am going to ask Condit what is any is his connection to those individuals and that group

They shall have the opportunity to do so.

Excellent points. Eric Jon Phelps was outted as a diamond dealer. Guess where he gets his diamonds. Yeh you guessed it, israel. I noted some of these other people he mentioned in a positive light too. What grated me more though was the insertion of the “I’m working with some jews who are also concerned on this election fraud issue.” Which in attitude conditioning terms equates to “not all jews are bad”. There can be absolutely, positively, NO TRUST whatsoever for any jew who expresses interest in a political thing (let alone most other things). Any one who expresses this is either shilling for them or needs their head checked. There is one and only one political issue that drives the jews, “Is it good… Read more »
They didn’t need Hitler for what your alleging. The jews had already submitted the Russians and other nations through brute force and terror. They could have spent a little more time building up forces and then rolled right across Europe. The end goal is a one world jewish government, and they want to wipe out whites. Why the hell would you waste your time building up different nations for a conflict if you can simply do what they’ve done with China, mass produce as many f’ing males as possible, arm them with the best technology possible? And get them ready to smash non-jewish subverted nations such as the USA. To dominate Europe it would have been much easier to simply have Hitler NOT arm up,… Read more »

Hitler being a Jew agent? That is the most absurd dis-information quackery in history.

I would be safe in saying that Hitler was most likely the ONLY one who wasn’t, up in the ranks. Could be that his significant other men were of the tribe or crypto. Parasites swarm, and they swarm fast and wide.

Good point about how everyone is motivated by this money system which ensures they do the bidding of the puppet masters. For the average person it’s all about the money. The money system is used by the puppet masters as bullets, just like he says. It controls people full stop. Without this money you can’t even feed yourself or have a roof over your head. Comprehend that.

At the end of WW2, a number of National Socialist specialists in the field of Science and Espionage etc, did take up offer by the CIA against the Soviet Union and later worked for Mossad, while others in the East were conscripted by the Soviets to work for them, all on condition that their names be struck off the War Crimes Tribunal/ Holocaust to save their own lives and prosper. This is a sad fact of Money/ Wealth getting in the way for betraying our freedoms and in the name of National Socialism itself. See, for example Rheinhard Gehlen. This is where the Jews/ Zionists get the idea of NS collaboration when in fact, it was against any Jewish State in Palestine. Silly jews can’t… Read more »

Apologies for the typo incorrectly spelling Adolph Hitler’s first name in the description.

Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen

It’s Adolf not Adolph 🙂

Good song

Hey Chris, off topic but I heard “Heavy Things” by Phish on your last show. I just happened to see the cover of the new Phish album..what is that?? A chemtrail machine?!

I have not see it but i shall check it out, thanks for the heads up

Greetings Ryan if this is what you are referencing it is strange looks like chemtrail machine might be a good description.
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Ugh… Phish… so I’m gonna say definitely weed smoke, the vaping kind in an attempt to stay relevant.

While you’re at it why not donate a large sum to Jim Condit & John Friend too! They both do “great work”! Oh and David Icke accepts large donations or you could just pay $666 dollars to go see his next 6hr lecture. It’d be amazing to hear hiom converse & boy, you’d surely learn a lot of “truth” about the NWO there!

i talked to Jim Condit briefly tonight while he was observing at the Trump Rally in Cincinnati. i stated to him that listeners and hosts on Renegade including myself wished to further question some of the more contentious issues discussed on Monday’s broadcast he agreed to return as a guest. Any one who wishes can call in and challenge Condit on his statements according to my conversation with Jim. i give Condit credit for not backing down from a debate thus far. i shall without a doubt challenge some of what Jim said during the show on the 10th including, the wisdom of participating in rigged elections, name dropping CNP members Roger Stone/Pat Buchanan and the glossing over of the eternal partnership of the Vatican… Read more »

Be nice if Jim Condit would give the names of the Jews he works with. Eric Hufschmidt surely doesn’t think very highly of him, and I would appreciate your allowing Robert Reyvolt as a guest on your show to refute Jim’s views of the Jesuits, what with our probable vice-president-to-be acknowledging his Jesuit connections. This was not my favorite Militia Intelligence broadcast.

Trump has been so smeared, I don’t know how he can get enough votes. Wayne Madsen stated on The Richie Allen Show this week that some Trump employees reported to him, that they saw Donald grope his daughter, when she was fifteen, under the table, at a restaurant on a Trump property.

At the end of the debate, Hillary let us know that she knows that she has been selected for president, by quipping, on mike, on camera, to the audience, loudly, “Even if you do not vote for me, I will be President.” I like Northerntruthseeker’s post yesterday, “The Fraud US Election….”.

If it’s true hitler volunteered for one of the most dangerous jobs of ww1 and was injured because of it while barely escaping death several times, I can’t imagine a Rothschild doing that.