Militia Intelligence Report: Jim Condit Jr – Vote Fixing, Catholicism & Hitler (10-31-16)


Jim Condit Jr is back by popular demad to the MIR.  chris and Jim take calls on Catholicism and Christianity in general, Hitler, the international Jewish MilitaryMedia Banking Complex and The Fixing of elections. Music list

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Here’s a repost of a nice youtube comment I read recently: Now compare this garbage with the European 9 noble virtues. Christinsanity, islam, and judaism are the definition of the words bad, evil, and immoral. They have no place in White countries. FECES FETISH Read Ezekiel 4:12 on and learn how yahweh commands his chosen pets to bake their breads over human shit but later, after chosen pets ask him to change his mind, commands them to do it on animal shit. PSYCHOTIC DUALISM (AN EARLY FORM OF MARXIST DIALECTIC) In Isaiah 45:7, the sky kike says the following confessing to be a psychopathic jew-like bastard: “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these… Read more »


It’s so disgusting for Jim to taunt and tease the ancient European history and people with such supremacist cliche made up outright lies about how our people lived and with his insulting remarks he made to defend the Catholic Church INC.
Beating an already beaten down people with such remarks and labels is the definition of evil.
The hell with your jewsus and every single person who carries any amount of parasitic jew DNA.


It is critical that we have a balanced look at National Socialism both its pros and cons. There is plenty to offer in it. Whatever system is formed in the future mistakes must be learned from. I will keep it positive and say this is the type of energy needed to fight this criminality and degeneracy.


Great one on a German page on facebook:

“Refugees want more rights”… No worries, every day there will be more “Rights”!
HAHAHAH, indeeed.


In 1865, Jefferson Davis entrusted Jewish Confederate Secretary of the Treasury, Judah P. Benjamin, with all the remaining gold in the Confederate Treasury, on the condition that Benjamin should run the blockade, take the gold to England, invest it, and use the proceeds to assist needy Confederate veterans, widows and orphans. Benjamin reached England in safety with the gold, which then promptly and completely disappeared. [See: Hoggan, DAS BLINDE JAHRHUNDERT, pp. 581-2].


Is this individual a Jew?
comment image


Looks jewy to me.


Chris do you have a link to your recent interview on Robert Reyvolts show?

only one solution here to be honest fam

If Chris could make maybe a 20 page guidebook on how to set up in our own areas what he is planning on doing in his area it would help. Things such as his advice on who to confront, how to flank them, what to say, what the constitution says in terms of using it to prosecute these criminals, do we put them in handcuffs, where do we take them, etc.


Start by reading the United States Constitution. Read current publications then go back and read the original. Changes have been made along the way, both lawful and unlawful. Read your State Constitution. Try to find the original for when the State was “created”. Some states such as, if I recall correctly, Mississippi have no less than 6 alleged constitutions. Only the first one is the authentic one. The latter ones are STATUTES that the BAR members pretended would be a new state constitution and they passed it like a statute but then began printing it and labeling it as the State Constitution. The reason behind this was that they modified it so that they could give themselves more power through stealth. Most people don’t know… Read more »

only one solution here to be honest fam

I appreciate the feedback I will look into all of this. Maybe I will put together my own guidebook using your suggestions and Chris Dorseys videos/audio and hand it out to the militias in my state.


Adam “You’re going in the woodchipper” Austin is awesome. He had some great broadcasts. His aggressiveness with some of the shills he talked to was a lot of fun. That’s a very good manual BTW. People should read it and spread it.

Anthony Roberts

Using the perfected jew installations of government or religion/cults is futile. They are completely jew infiltrated and designed and work to bring about our destruction.

Jim sounds a well-meaning and genuine man, but at this point in time he is just another jew-made indoctrinated obstacle. Christianity will not save us; it will hasten our exit. How long do we give to wake up these duped people? I think the jews are hoping too long.

PS Thank you all for a very passionate show. I missed quite a bit due to the overtalking of each other. I do understand how hard it is, not to get triggered. I was shouting from my living room lol.


Jim sounds a well-meaning and genuine man, but at this point in time he is just another jew-made indoctrinated obstacle.

Hear! Hear! We moved on from the ideas this tool espouses ages ago. Let’s just keep moving upward & onward. Do whatever you can even if at this stage it’s only distributing decent propaganda far & wide & regularly within our own wider communities. Permanent markers, effective memes & url links be your best friend! 😉


Excellent show, very lively, good to have some to and fro on a level without any toys being thrown out of prams, and we can all go home on good terms, bruised and drunk singing German drinking songs.


Eustace Mullins – Hitler and the Central Banks
Transfer Agreement….


This Chris wanker won’t stfu.