Militia Intelligence Report: Martial Law & The Puppet Sideshow (9-26-16)


chris is joined by guest Glen Sutphin press reporter and photographer with American International News Service, and Get the News Straight to discuss the decades long plan to destroy the Constitution and install the Martial Law we now experience in paces including Charlotte, Baltimore, and Boston.  In hour 2 we shall take calls and relate the current state of Military occupation we experience with the Presidential Debate which is nothing more than a Jewish controlled Puppet show.

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Bank of America Charlotte

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Bellow is the MK Ultra logo for Mary Munford School which was the location of two assassinations over the past two years. Brian Szabo VP of Sun Trust Bank and Elizabeth B Pryor National Security Advisor were murdered by MK Ultra assets under bizarre circumstances a year apart. The videos bellow the logo detail the Monarch mind control murders.
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Re the logo: SERIOUS. Seeing is believing — I am so upset. Thanks for showing us, and I will watch the youTube presentations. I feel sick.

very interesting. the ‘M’s look like the McDonalds logo as well.


Geez, sure does. Gross.


Can I get me a McPick 2?

You know, one subject that does not get discussed in our circles, is, the Weaponizing of Space. Why is that ? Who are the Cointel opps behind covering this up, or, exposing it in such a way as to insert “Aliens” ? with Dr Steven Greer. On the one hand you have these Flat-Earth Primates saying repent to Jesus, the Torah is true, Prophesy’s are true, the black jesus because the real jews are black and by definition, there is no Space Program. Oh no ! i’ve seen triangular formations of Satellites in the night sky after dusk and before sunrise because the Sun for a while during those times, Illuminates them against the dark background. These are Military grade Surveillance working in tandem… Read more »


Here’s a list of all the pistols that one can buy in Calipornia and the list is getting shorter and shorter over time:
They’re also trying to destroy the 1st Amendment by retarded Lolocaust laws:


Just visited the links you provided, chris, abovetopsecret, and lordnelga.wordpress, for the first time. Thanks for the introduction. Such an excellent two hours, chock full of life-saving information and insights, these three men on this show gave us!


Greetings listerine, i am very thankful to be given the opportunity to present this information to the Renegade audience who are among the few who posses the knowledge to comprehend these abstract crimes. Our faction not only has the intellect to comprehend these elaborate crimes but also the courage and honor to lawfully defeat our eternal enemy.


And the fact that while in the military, Glen SAW the military documents declaring war on us people, as well as naming how it plans to exterminate us. The first time I learned that we had been declared their enemy was thanks to Deborah Tavares and her pointing out this fact in the NASA document at her site,, etc. In fact, on Aug. 28, under that banner, with a return address of, a person using the name Alex Hunter sent out a fascinating email warning its recipients that “we are being scrutinized, data mined, classified, and processed based on our political activityh as we are all frog marched into the hot stage of WWIII.” He ends stating that we should hardent up to… Read more »


I’ll borrow a line from the movie “The Hateful8″…….”I admire your resolve”.


Greetings EW cheers!