Militia Intelligence Report: Militia The Origin of Law (10-24-16)


chris covers the history of the Militia as the basis of European and Western Law. In the second hour chris takes calls &delves in to the James O’Keefe Project Veritas hoax and how the election rigging includes Donald Trump. Music list

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Anthony Roberts

Chris, you sure know how to get a man’s blood coursing through his veins! And i’m still young enough to grab me’ pitchfolk and proudly stand behind you, Kyle, Sinead, Shaun and all the other good folk, here on the Renegade frontline. “Oh England, my lionheart” – now, thanks to Crommie and the jews, reduced to a neutered pussycat! Instead of the great Alfred, we have a tired, impotent, puppet-queen, who, let’s not forget, had a plane on stand-by ready to whisk her and her family off to the carribean, if Hitler had crossed the channel from the island of Jersey. So much for defending your people Mrs!!! We all need to summon that Alfred courage now more than ever. I’m beginning to realize, only… Read more »


Greetings Anthony thanks glad you enjoyed the show. It is a crying shame what our society and the usurping controllers have come to. It is up to us and all we must do is enforce the law which may be difficult but must be done.


Regarding Chris and his militia show, when I hear over-the-top claims that go ‘so-and-so is absolutely 100 percent scum Mossad Jewish Jesuit militia -defying CIA shill’, I think to myself ‘wish I could like this guy but it’s like a python swallowing a wildebeest’. Then today I heard a claim that totally gagged: “Trump rallies are paid mob events.” My wife and I have attended two. It took two hours waiting in line, over 12,000, the arena full, the main floor standing room only, the atmosphere was sizzling electric. Might help if Renegade fans DID occasionally tune in to mainstream happenings.

only one solution here to be honest fam

Renegade is my favorite new source and the world owes them a huge debt for their work, but I am still voting for Trump. Its similar to me as if someone in South Africa said don’t vote for the guy opposed to Mandela its all fixed. I would agree that they were probably right, and still vote anyway.

The first Trump rally in New York was paid protesters. If the foundation is weak, the whole campaign is a fraud. Trump is a less organic Ron Paul movement. This was the deep states reaction to the people starting to take control of the message of a false opposition leader. Its not 2008 anymore, voting is not a solution. Those at the rallies now are dupes that are not at that this level of knowledge or profiting from Trump in a way.


The Donald Trump Rally at the Richmond Coliseum was a staged operation of the police & secret service. The police and secret service controlled every aspect of the event from keeping press out of the arena to leading the crisis actor protestors to their pen.


Police and Secret Service & Donald Trump desecrate the rights of the people during a staged psyop/rally at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond Virginia