Militia Intelligence Report: Muslim Ban Psyop (1-30-17)

chris dorsey is joined by David Dauterive they open the phone line for the entire two hours focusing on AIPACALYPSE, Jewish controlled media psychological operations including the so called Muslim Travel Ban, the Montreal Mosque shooting, Vice Network and their Jewish led race war agenda.  Other topics include Tom Brokaw, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and the creation of the great war myth.

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7 years ago

Cynthia McKinney? FUCK YEAH, great idea! I’d go just to shake Cynthia’s hand. I’m not ready to convert to Islam nor do I believe we need to start planting them all over America like Johnny Obama Appleseed but I gotta give Muslim-Americans some credit. As much as they’ve been dogged out 99% of the terrorism has been Jews. I’ll believe a terrorist/mass shooting when it happens in the halls of Congress and I see bodies, period. (Or Hollyweird but it would probably be a studio exclusive psy0p) but seriously, Ms McKinney could bring some sanity to this ridiculous anti-Muslim agenda. Its like, not one idiotic American learned anything from all the anti-muslim crap after 9.11. It all came back on who? Americans of ALL religions,… Read more »

7 years ago

Are you talking about the mosque shooting in Quebec City?

Madeleine Albright
7 years ago
Like Chris Dorsey, Madeleine Albright is also in the #115 weight division. Who will win in a bar fight? Place your bets in under 3 seconds!! CHOOSE!!! Chooooooos!!!

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