Militia Intelligence Report: Neutralizing Global Organized Crime Through the Law (12-12-16)

chris names the persons, institutions, & places that have usurped international control and describes the ongoing operation to restore authority to the body of the people.

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great show Chris! i love renegade broadcasting & try to listen everyday. Thank you all!


Thank you very much melisa!


It is time to stop engaging in their game: politics and the voting/electoral system. Fuck the shitshow, it is THE distraction. Back to the Laws of God(Physics) and storm the gates. I can’t help but notice the urgency and readiness in your voice to take to the streets. I feel the same, but the zombies are so buried in their sofas. If this should kick off then those who did not fight for it with us, should not be privvy to that which will come of it. I can see a situation where all the couch turnips won’t engage but they want all the perks that come from the struggle.


Letter to Leon Panetta (another Pan) I wrote in 2009 signed by a number of individuals in addition to the signers listed on this link. Several dozen individuals including myself and Cindy Sheehan demonstrated in front of CIA hq and Dick Cheney’s house several days after publishing this letter.


I love it. Reading that letter made me want to go 300.

Ingrid B

The Truthseeker has published an excellent letter from Nick Kollerstrøm to jew puppet Therese May, educating her as to the true meaning of semite/semitic..


I say we seize the federal reserve, if the head is what is aimed for, then it should be the federal reserve. Money, is the tendril of control that reaches into every nation, and the FR is the heart(less) of it. Here’s a plan outline: We (somehow) seize the FR and re-control the military and banking system for our direction through the current money system. Then we establish a national bank in each nation of the world (except israel) and donate to the national bank of each nation in Europe and the world x trillions of interest free money that is not payable back-able (I’m sure there is a bank term for that). We can do this because we are the FR now and in… Read more »