Militia Intelligence Report: Prosecuting & Abolishing Terrorist World Government (2-13-17)

chris dorsey with callers including David Dauterive discuss witnessing the blatant easily verified Treason carried out by the US Government as well as their Jewish controlled corporations including the FED, BIS, UN, AIG, Anbang, The International BAR, Rothschild & Company, The State of Israel, et al. chris describes the ongoing operation to lawfully decapitate the criminal usurpers in government who engage in treasonous war against the body of the people.

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Anthony Roberts

I can understand the need to not be bogged-down with all the false alt-crap that is there to confuse and distract, but to dismiss the control of (((nasa))) is illogical. They use their paid wacky agents to turn people off to what is simple and obvious. I do personally care that the jews have been, and are lying to me about my land i stand on. The jews are poisoning all our children’s minds with bad science. We all should know by now that: space, stars, sun and moon are not what they tell us. We have never been in “outer space.” Jewish/freemasonic nasa’s numbers and j/f ancient mathematician’s spherical trig doesn’t match a curve – they both can’t be right. I will never go… Read more »

David Dauterive

Our goal is to abolish the Jewish control. Only then shall we properly be able to thrive by finding out what the earth truly is and run our own test weather the earth is a globe,flat or and enclosed dome. After our rights are taken back,then we shall discover our ancient past more effectively and start to get back to nature and be people of the forest again. Until we get rid of the controllers, all this stuff about what we used to have will mean nothing..

Anthony Roberts

I totally understand your point David, but unlike “greys, alien craft and mysterious planets,” the jew hoax of nasa is being played out now in front of us. It is just another jew-gov agency don’t forget.
There is overwhelming evidence that they are lying about almost everything, so i really think this can stand alongside the holohoax, slavery and banking. Expose this, and the jew curtain slips.
I do understand the point about all the other jew nonsense being a distraction – they are just jewing what jews do with their cont-opps. Anyhow, great show and you callers add so much – cheers!


Once jews have been ejected from anything of consequence then we will be free to explore as far and wide as our wings will take us. Our foremost task is to abolish the jew in every form.


Because I can see a horizon and curve when I’m on the sea shore, I’m not aryan? Not to mention the fact that my eyes are not blue..?


Go to jewoogle, type in “Lee Henry Hoover”, click on Images.

You will see many pictures of Herbert Hoover’s wife. Look carefully. Michelle Obama was most definitely not the first tranny in the White House.


Don’t you mean Lou Henry Hoover? Because all I see are little red industrial vacuum cleaners…


LOL My bad. Yes, “Lou”, not “Lee”. And please let me know whether or not you think that creature is a man-beast.


That is definitely blokepants under that dress, if not a full cooked English breakfast. In some shots it looks like a trucker after 24h on the interstate, caning bad meth from the dashboard. That head is properly wrong.


Check out images of Elanor Roosevelt. There’s very much the man-beast look about that creature, too. Fucking jews!