Militia Intelligence Report: Psyop Planet (1-9-17)

chris dorsey is joined by guests Glen Sutphin and David Dauterive.  The three verify that the Jewish controlled global shadow Government which runs all Nation States, Corporations, military, media etc. is engaged in unlawful war against the people primarily through use of psychological operations.

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Dorsey, you are awesome. Love your show. Check out “Jewrassic Liars”. The guy is hilarious and does a great job outing the DNA-damaged creatures known as jews.

I concur though, it would be interesting to have him on a show, despite the christian side it does uncannily appear to look that way judging by the way the false flag news machine shits out it’s content, along with the other race desensitizing propaganda.

Funny I just came across that guy today Renny. Yes he is hilarious ? Good stuff.

(((They))) have already started to nuke his videos for “hatespeech” -_-

Thanks Renny very happy to hear you enjoy the MIR. No doubt big up Jewrassic Liars

This type of set-up goes back to the dawn of mankind imo. An individual or group gain enough resources to hire thugs to keep and steal other peoples/grps/nations property. Hence the aristocracy, and now the jews are on top with the most stolen assets and weapons. Those “gov” workers are just hired heavies and will be dealt with Chris; your battered body will see justice. You were correct about Rabid Kushner Chris. He’s been given a “senior advisor” role in the new U.S. knesset. He will be pulling daddy-paedo-in-law’s strings for Israel no doubt. But, being a charitable jew, he will probably reject a salary and only take $300k per annum in expenses! I think he’s also handing his property portfolio over to the ching-chongs… Read more »


Thanks as always Anthony. I agree that it is hilarious this Kushner pos is taking no salary! How are he and Ivanka supposed to eat? cheers!

Great show, makes good listening. Check THIS out I need say no more. Wait for the crisis actor ready himself up before the camera leaked footage. I think we have more than enough evidence.

Thank you Skylgairl; Great vid, you are correct we have more than enough evidence..

I love the new RB audio sting, sounds very tech. Nice work Sinead.

Great show as always chris. About the eternal jew…I’m absolutely convinced the big secret lies in the fact that it represents the decendants of the Neanderthals. When I first came across this I thought it was insane. However, after studying it a great deal including the conveniently swept aside science of the 1800s looking into this connection in depth, the genetic markers of the tribe, its ridiculous and over the top psychopathy and war on all of humanity, etc etc etc, it is the only thing I’ve come across that really makes sense: i.e. a group that, because of its criminal predisposition, attacked cro-magnon and got its ass kicked, went into retreat, and then burst onto the world scene again using underhanded tactics and secrecy… Read more »

Oh and also the fact of course that the jews themselves (I don’t know why people don’t pay attention to this more) explicitly and without reservation boast of being of a “completely different” makeup not only spiritually (in which they believe they’re the only ones with souls) but biologically. You come across this left right and center from the rabbis to the Zionist Maurice Samuel in his work You Gentiles and so on.

Thanks Titus, checking out the video now

Huge point around 30min after the first break…”EVERYTHING IS PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE…” today, as Chris said…”…it’s in the government (which everyone is 98.9% on board the Ship about…or else we , ahem..They, out there (who criticise, become bigots in front of our eyes because we spoke a (tidbit) fact in a room full of family or whoever & thusly call us bigots & haters etc & it immediately moves to..what? Red Vs Blue/Dem Vs Rep/Lib Vs Con/Donkey Vs Elephant!! No! We are saying step back, remove your pieces from the board game, etc & there’s ANOTHER WAY…sure, everyone wants different things & some peoplease are plain horrible which continues a cycle or horrible people or people downed & equal 0 in the REAL game of life… Read more »

Sorry if my writing style annoys or is hard to follow…my brain fires like crazy + sleep disorder & being lazy typing on a phone didn’t/doesn’t help! I wanna get back to the show haha! All the best my friends!

cheers Adam!

Thank you very much Adam!

A man called chris dorsey of the Virginia Militia enters the Richmond Police Training Center for police controlled so called community forum. dorsey gives lawful requirements to the “Chief” of “Police” including an order for the lawful conveyance of valuable assets of his entity including but not limited to weapons/military equipment to the body of the people. In order of appearance Kelly Avellino WWBT NBC 12, Alfred Durham “Richmond” “Chief” of “Police”, Reeva Trammell Richmond City Council, Henry Mease Richmond City Council/Richmond Police.