Music Night: Shaun and Rose (7-22-16)


Shaun and Rose rock it hard into the wee hours of the American and Canadian night. They fill in for the Friday 10 O’Clock edition of Renegade Broadcasting. As smelly as Rose was, Shaun holds on and tolerates it as much as he can whilst they play requests from the chatroom.

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LOL You had to get one more smelly comment in!

Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. Can you repeat that smelly?

Shield Maiden

He just can’t help being a dick, Rose. I’m sure u smell lovely. 🙂


…by any other name.

Anthony Roberts

Another brave lady showing us how it’s done. Good job Rose. I’m sure you’re as sweet-smelling as your name; you know Shaun is only joking.
Thank you both for playing great tunes and giving us all your time and energy – it’s much appreciated.

Thanks! Is it really brave to go on a show with Shaun? I guess maybe it is, since he’s such a mgtow fag 😛

Oh look Ladies and Gents…. Look what the cat dragged back in. It couldn’t quite swallow it the first time…

DISCLAIMAH DISCLAIMAH, I am not really hating on Rose. DISCLAIMAH DISCLAIMAH, I am an all loving charming man thing. It’s TRUE!

Rose, get that shit eating grin off your face…


Hey, Shaun, are you going to have Jeanice Barcelo on any time soon? She is fascinating. Would love to hear a roundtable with Jeanice and Urban Jungle Girl.

Hi Falcon. Jeanice will be joining me this week. If you’re in the States, that will be the 28th for you. 29th for Aussies.

Cheers mate.



Great news, Shaun. Jeanice is amazing.