Music Night with Shaun, Shield Maiden and Rose (8-5-16)


Tonight here on Renegade Broadcasting, Shaun hosts a music show with Shield Maiden and Rose with all it’s chaos intact. The three explore some of their own music interests whilst the chatters indulge as well. Join us for a musical journey, here on Renegade Broadcasting.

Warning: Profanity meter shows red.

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I have the exact same problem as him. Actually, doesn’t everyone? I believe he’s talking about videos that have ads embedded *IN* them that you have to watch all of in order to get it to play the video you want, not the types of ads you can watch a bit of and then click skip for the rest. Are there adblockers that block those? For some reason, not every youtube video works the same, so we can’t always avoid hearing about shit like mcjoonalds “food”.
Anyway, despite the little fuckups, most people seemed to enjoy the music and the banter :). We had some good requests come in too.

It also would have been nice if Shaun hadn’t announced my bathroom break to the world after I told him not to. Last time I speak French to that obnoxious Aussie.

On that note, I need to take a leak… BRB.

Hail DJ ‘Test’ and the enchanting ‘Estrogens!’ Lots of good and varied music – thanks for the entertainment.
Perhaps Nick can interview Gearoid in the near future. He appears to be a very clued-up journalist.
PS Hey Shaun – anymore mishaps and the ladies will start saying you have ‘macburgers’ syndrome. Watcha back brother lol.

HAHAHHAHA! So True Anthony. I’ll be watchin mate!

Shaun, you can install a free adblocker with a couple of clicks.
Here’s a link to one:

I’ve had no problems with ads being blocked as there is an ad blocker in Opera Yrton. The problems I am having is the ads built into the clips of jewtube… Does the link you give get rid of ads in youtube clips?

Yes, it does.
The only times it has issues blocking ads is on Russian websites.

Yeah Vidar, but I don’t repair peoples jewtube mate. LOL. I barely go near jewtube myself.