Wildcard: Never So Defiant And Proud – Ancient Aryan Emperium (7-8-16)

Great Venea

Ancient scripts are found to be 40,000 years old, pre-dating the Indian Vedas. These writings and others suggest of an Ancient Aryan Emperium. In this show Chris speaks of this Emperium and its fall, and how Germany nearly brought a re-awakening of Ancient Aryan Culture.

Topic Include:

The writings of Svetlana and Nikolai Levashov
Adolf Hitler and National Socialism
Wedic Aryan Emperium
The Grand Tartary/ Zemla Swjata Rusi (Asier, Russia)
The Great Venea/ The Great Rasseni (Europe, Germany)
Atlantis (The breakaway empire)
The 4 Rodas (The 4 Aryan Tribes)
Races and Castes
“History” or Iztoria (From the Tora)
The Solar System (Jarilo System) / The Galaxy
Language, Etymology, Law
Breeding and Imprinting
Odin and The Wokhvi + The Ur (The Ancient Ones)
Runes, Swaztikas and The Witch Hunt
The New Mythos – Miguel Serrano, Savitri Devi
Art – Vsevolod Ivanov, Dragos Kalajic
Prophecies .. etc

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You may find this book, The Artic Home of The Vedas, interesting: http://vedic-nation.com/media/research_activities/9_arctic_home_in_the_vedas.pdf

Thank you for that, Daniel !

This was awesome!! Please do more shows!


Superb show. I would like to hear more from you. I would also urge you to investigate the work of Woden’s Folk in England, and associated bloggers. We explore very similar matters:

Very exciting show. Thank you Chris…. I’m listening for the second time now.
Just posted it in my danish viking group.


Excellent show. The rancid kike has worked on studying and psychologically profiling the Whites since the beginning.

Great show, thank you !
Do you have any reference links ?


Intriguing show. Requires multiple listenings Thanks!


Fascinating show. A real crash course in European origins. I will be listening to it again as you covered so much.


One of the many pseudo history that the russians feed themselves – copy paste from other much more ancient people -” sviato rus” means holly rus if you don’t know. The name ”rus” came from Swedish Vikings and it is not mentioned NOT EVEN ONCE until 9th century .Bye- bye allien ” russians ”


here is the ancient book santia vedas of perun here: https://www.scribd.com/doc/119676154/Aryan-Vedas-Book-of-Wisdom-of-Perun-ENG

Snow Wolf

Thank you!


Wow!! “Nordic Aliens” could be real after all!…


Do you know where I can find the book you spoke of, Rune Magic by Karl Strasburger (if that’s spelled correctly?) I tried several different spellings and I can’t find a book of that name by that author. Perhaps it does not have an English translation?

I’m going to take a shot in the dark, even though I’m probably wrong. This, perhaps?



Dear Chris…..thank you for your work. I have tried to connect to http://www.slavish-arish-vedan.de but it gives “Server Not Found”…..am I mispelling? for me Needs multiple listens 🙂


Chris. where can this 40,000 year text be found? If I missed a link to your references, my apologies. If not, please provide a link, thank you.


Phenomenal show…
This information needs to be on the fore front of our conversations with ”Normie” retards, right alongside the daunting task and reality of reversing the current White Genocide.
Thank you!

Karen Rose

You’re awesome. Thanx for your excellent research and reporting. Can hardly wait to dig in the readings you quote. You understand, I’m sure, much was prophesied in Bible which I’ve been studying for about seven years now. What is your opinion of the Bible? Some say was written by our enemy to lead us gently to accept genocide yet once again. Thanx for any opinions here.


Jews worship a Serpent .


Jesus called the Jews Synagogue of Satan… Jews killed Jesus so how is Christianity relgion of Jews? Are you f that clueless?


It’s the mythical scenarios of their own made up story. Playing in any part of it, is playing in their own game which is a lose-lose for us, Europeans.
If you consider the jewish mythology not only legitimate but also something that you have to force upon Europeans, your mindset is no different than a jewish supremacist one’s.


Kristos was not Jewish. You have no idea of what you are talking about. Christianity United Europe when jihad struck… Now look at Europe… Its a Muslim colony. Where is your mithology now!?
Read the New Testament and than criticize something you have read. Until than do not speak about what you don’t know not care to know. Christianity as well as our history have been hijacked by Jewish banks and their shills.


Jesus was just one of many first century Jewish revolutionary rebels that wanted to put an end to the Roman rule over Judea by reviving the savage ways of Moses and how Jews treated non-Jews back then (endless genocides, etc.) Funnily enough, Pharisees were actually the “good guys” in this context who wanted to remain peaceful under the Roman rule so they insisted on killing Jesus. This is the main part of Jesus’s real identity in a nutshell which has nothing to do with Europeans. Read Matthew 15:24 were Jesus himself says that he only came for the lost sheep of Israel. Later on, Saul, or what many know as Paul of the Bible, Gentilized the religion of Jesus to later on pave the way… Read more »


Nope — Matthew 15:24 says He came only for the lost sheep of the HOUSE of Israel – not the house of Judah. It’s a very important distinction, the two houses were deadly enemies. In other words, he was not there to save Jews. The Jews didn’t believe he was a Jew, and they had access to all the birth records. The most crushing statement in the entire New Testament is found in John 18:36 where Jesus says “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews.” This means that 1. He’s not a Jew 2. Jews are his enemy 3. He is not… Read more »

Steve L

It also says his kingdom is NOT OF THIS WORLD so stop reading it literally. Spirit and/or mind is unseen so how else would you write about the unseen ? By using things seen as SYMBOLS of unseen things. Things that represent something else, ie the things unseen. That is what mythology is – explaining things unseen by using things seen to symbolise them, its not a bloody history book. Right now his kingdom wouldn’t include any of us let alone a bloody jew.


@Steve L

Your objection is nonsense. It doesn’t matter that his kingdom is spiritual. The issue is Jesus’ relationship to Jews.

I reiterate:

1. He’s not a Jew
2. Jews are his enemy
3. He is not the king of the Jews
4. His kingdom does NOT INCLUDE JEWS


The character Jesus was stated to be a descendant of King David. You couldn’t get much more Jewish than that. Another point is Jesus stated he only came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. When refering to the Synagogue of Satan he is refering to Jews who did not recognize him as their messiah. it’s quite clear in the entire passage. It’s nothing more than a fearmongering conversion tactic. Infact the passage also backs up that he is a Jew, claims to be the Jewish messiah and his belief that his followers are the real Jews. When asked by Pilate if he is the king of the Jews? Jesus answered “Yes it is as you say.” Yes he had enemies that were… Read more »


F**k Jesus the filthy kike!!


Amen, brother. Amen.

Steve L

So, you are saying that Jews wanted to be free from Roman rule just as we wish to be free from Jewish rule ? What’s wrong with that then ?


The bible is the basis of the legal system that was imposed in the west, hence all the contract law, commerce, mercantilist bullshit. Clint Richard makes a good expose of how the to understand the bible properly you can extract yourself from this paper and scribble, artificial social ordering prosthesis. The kingdom was definitely not of this earth, it was from the abstractist number-bending, formalist mind of a merchant plague breeding kike horde.


Read interesting book called Jesus the Phoenician. It all makes sense now.


Tough crowd here… Ignorant and stuborn. Who saved Europe from Muslim invasion in the past?! Yeah you all know the answer…


White people.


We saved ourselves, as always. Everyone wants a piece of Whitey, there are no allies for us. Don’t need any from anyone anyway, what we cannot do cannot be done. It is only the jew that has been the real problem all along, the others can be dealt with face to face. But the toxic vomit parasite jew is of a much more insidious order.


You only need to look at a normie websites like Wiki to see that it is widely reported, historically, by Christian and Muslim writers, that kike jews helped Muslim Moors invade and take over Spain. https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=moor%20invasion%20jews
I suppose you think us being correct and committed to being correct/ truthful, is being stubborn?
As for ingorance, you get your history lessons from Michael Savage, as he has stated a similar thing years ago.