Never So Defiant And Proud: Heathen Vegan – Weaving The Aryan Fates [Part I] (3-13-18)

Heathen Vegan joined Chris H in Part 1 of their discussions on Aryan Ancestors. Topics included: Various ideas through time about Stonehenge, Stonehenge as a distraction from other sites around Britain?, Glastonbury and the New Age, The importance of chalk to the ancient British?, Aryan Ancestors connection to Water, Sound and Ritual, Cornwall (Tin) and the Bronze Age, Memory of Water, Mimir’s Well and Odin, Norns (Weavers of Fate), Aryan Water Worship, Etymology, Siddha, Intuitive flow, Seeding the future, Ley Lines (Leys), Spine of Albion, Sacred sites and energy gird, Runes, Guidance of the Gods, Sacrificing Self vs sacrifing others, Warped Elites, Cernunnos, Programmed Perceptions, Death Based Life, Seeking the Struggle, Facing the Boar, Balance of Feminine and Masculine, Not bowing to fear of degenerates, Power of the Martyr, Destroying the German Spark, Racial Soul, How the New Age worships Death, How love isn’t always “nice”.

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So, I’m about to head up the extended ladder and I’m terrified of heights and your words about strengthening and growing and exposure to struggle is helping. A small, silly thing ,but thanks.

Heathen vegan

The Image of Cernunnos I was talking about in the show.
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Foster XL

Nice show guys. Really enjoyed it!


Excellent show. I really appreciated the second hour. I am learning to restrain myself when I hear the word ”tolerate”.. my first instinct is to extend the claws and unleash, but I know that really doesn’t work. The way Stonehenge has been reconstructed and rearranged makes it appear to be a place of sacrifice. This has to be on purpose to perpetuate that ”horrible dirty, human sacrificing pre-christian barbarian” bologna.. ya know, the naked backwards people of the woods that basically practiced the white version of voodoo before christ-insanity came to domesticate and enslave the people, er, I meant ”save” the people… I loathe that image, and what they have done to our sacred sights.. When you two were talking about Stonehenge, Arkaim or, ”Russia’s… Read more »

Chris H

Excellent comment Amber. Really appreciate those thoughts.

Should be Labour Unit next week and HV again the week after (show plans usually change).


They say that Arkaim burnt down, which, If the roof was wooden, then that would explain why you don’t see any remains.
Everything leads me to believe that these two sights (and the hundreds of others,) were oh so similar.
Were our sacred centers of learning and wisdom raided and ransacked by the same scum who invaded Russia in the early 1900’s?
Were our tools of wisdom, observation – our many inventions – stolen form us, and used against us?
It’s obvious that this is exactly what is happening to us now, but is history really, truly repeating itself ?

Chris H

I am not exactly sure what was so controversial about this show, because it has been massively censored on YouTube. Other shows I have done are taken down and go back up, but this one (alteast where I am) was taken down and I haven’t seen it again on Herr Nordstorm’s channel. Also with the views other videos of mine were getting (if I use a search engine to find it) this show should have alteast! twice the views right now that it in theory has (and that is compared to other shows that are themselves heavily censored).

ps I can find the show to see the supposed “views”, but the link isn’t working.

Chris H

HV’s own website for his articles