Never So Defiant And Proud: National Socialist Aryan Emperium (2-6-18)

Shawna joined Chris H for a show which covered how we are removed from our tribal connections. Topics include: Kinsfolk, National Socialist benevolent use of technology, Hospitals and Birth Trauma and the effects this has, Aryan Genocide (especially under Bolshevism), Pre-war Awakenings, Generational programming, Faked histories, Ancient Aryan Emperium, The agenda to break up the continuum of Tribes and Families, Sport as Distraction, The importance of Nations, Evil Flavourings and Poisoning, Holographic Aryan Order, Imperial Germans and so much more.

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Anthony Roberts

The jews went all-out to break the Aryan family. From 50’s rock ‘n roll, 60’s hippies, to 70’s industrial destruction. Jobless, fatherless, soulless. All planned and executed perfectly by our current masters.

We now have feral White youth of both sexes. No family, hoodies, drugs, crime and gangs. These appear to be the early test cases for the native goyim squatter camps. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

PS Very enjoyable show Chris and Shawna. I like the relaxed conversation and great points made too. It’s so nice to hear strong ladies at Renegade, giving their valuable insight and perspective in this fight for survival.


I really enjoyed your discussion. Thanks Chris and Shawna.


Love all your shows Chris. Thank you.
On a more comical note……yes they are getting desperate. The jews hgave conducted genetic testing on a 10.000 year old corps and have finally ‘ proven ‘ it – first Brits had brown skin.


I’m sure this will be part of the ever-growing number of bullshit “studies” that are out there but later get retracted for not enough evidence or something.

“Scientists believe that populations living in Europe became lighter-skinned over time because pale skin absorbs more sunlight, which is required to produce enough vitamin D. The latest findings suggest pale skin may have emerged later, possibly when the advent of farming meant people were obtaining less vitamin D though dietary sources like oily fish.”

‘We Wuz Britons until the damn white supremacist scheme known as Vitamin D wiped us out!’

Anthony Roberts

Ha ha, we wuz niggas! Lil’ Neander, wid muh animarl skin roun muh knees an sheeet!!


Awesome show

Chris H

Thanks Scarlett


This is some good listening. The main problem is that yes, our daily energy is sapped by the grindstone of choffing for your jew tickets at the same time we build their concrete, ass-phalt, plastic and neon deathscape. We all work for the disgusting kike. Who else is building all of this? these scumfucks just ride on our energy. What does depress me the most is our own people’s attitude towards this. Be it hijacked or wahtever, our good nature is going to the wrong fucking channels, that is for sure. [sarcasm] Yea have my blood, just take as many pints as you like, take my blood, as long as I an giving it away to anyone else than my people, then it is fine,… Read more »

Chris H

So if in many countries petrol and diesel cars will be banned by 2040, then maybe plastic should be banned by 2040 also? Well I would like to think we have won by then anyway so there is no new plastic maybe by 2030 if not before then. Not that I think we should have cars and all these roads (perhaps some quick personal flying object will be produced in the future), but I would think that all cars should be able to work for 100 years (if treated properly) and there should be standard parts of high quality so that if a part were ever needed you could find it fast. I can also see people largely rejecting technology in the future and wanting… Read more »

I wonder what’s meant by Imperial Germans here.

Chris H

Why would you even put that post if you can use a search engine? This is a subject spoken about by many people in this arena. I used the term since that is what other people call them.

At least I wish, that each episode has its own transcription.

Chris H

I am glad the description atleast peaked your interest, if not a transcription to fully satisfy > this may be your guy if you want to know more about “Imperial Germans” (or one opinion).


I totally agree with Esther. I would really love to read transcripts of Renegade roundtable shows like this, because I personally (and I know this is true for many others) find reading much faster and more enjoyable than listening to a podcast. I know Kyle moderates on here regularly (at least, I think he does…?) so perhaps he can check out Katana at – this guy has a transcription machine and he and his regular contributors regularly transcribe innumerable stuff on our side (jewtube, podcasts, etc.) for free. Just a thought…

P.S. The career criminal calling himself ‘Azzmador’ and his BFF Anglin (the mongrel monstrosity) will be interviewing Christian Picciolini shortly via livestream. I may actually watch, lol.


Elon Skum and his cherry red Tesla flying through space. Can you believe this shit???? So unbelievably fake.


“This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech.”


Elon Skum LoL, nice anagram hahaha, how appropo.


Thanks for the great discussion.

Where can one find this pdf Shawna spoke of?


Thanks for the great discussion.

Where can one find the pdf Shawna mentioned?

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Chris H

Emperium = 1. The empirical truth of our Natural Aryan Order on a world wide scale when not interfered with. 2. Based on the ideas that we had a great “empire” unto ourselves and for ourselves that was truly world wide and now hidden from us. 3a. A unifying philosophy or faith in our ourselves and our potential when united in our true splendor. 3b. The living faith. The idea of a “New Mythos” that can be established through a reawakening of the Aryan Spirit, and all the potentialities that come with and from this self awareness and actualization. 4a. I see this as inspiration for what National Socialism may well have become. Infact I see the rise of National Socialism as a form of… Read more »