Never So Defiant And Proud: Rollie & Scarlett – Unfiltered & Uncensored (3-27-18)

Rollie Quaid & Scarlett joined Chris H for a loose friendly chat about: Seeing through the controlled narratives and not compromising to it to find the truth, Cambridge Analytica, Jews & colonisation, path of the renegade, working for the truth and not being paid, cognitive dissonance, natural protective and discrimination, inner zeal, controlled narratives / numbing out, cutting back the distractions in our lives and being able to live, positive stress vs negative stress, searching and connecting with others, the power of comedy, Rollie’s articles and bridging divides, “March For Our Lives”.

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Chris H
6 years ago

I was very happy with both Rollie and Scarlett. They both agreed immediately to come on the show with no hassle and did a very good job. Only wish the breaks weren’t distorted… In terms of the guests though they were an absolute dream.

Reply to  Chris H
6 years ago

The breaks were distorted because I had to use a backup recording from the conference software after losing connection. Who cares about the breaks? No one listens for the breaks.

Chris H
Reply to  renegade
6 years ago

True. Thanks for uploading the show.

6 years ago

1:30 in and really enjoying this show. Scarlett is my soul sister. Like her I tried desperately to hang on to some remnant of my original Christian faith. I twisted scripture like a pretzel to try and match it with the truths I was seeing open up in front of me. In the end, I too had to just come to see it as a mind control program for enslaving and ultimately murdering gentiles, particularly Whites. My husband and grown children still cling to their christardation and are absolutely furious with me. I think they’re secretly afraid what I have is contagious. The truth will destroy their faith like it did mine. It it needed to be destroyed as much as any virus does. I… Read more »

Reply to  Jmcaul
6 years ago

What a lovely comment. I appreciate your appreciation. I’m sure Kyle wouldn’t mind forwarding my email address to you if you contact him.

6 years ago

Rollie, I love your articles, and they’re important for drawing in MSM-lib-cult of personality entranced. They are spare and visual, just right for today’s overwhelmed reader. You show how they blend supposedly real personalities like Assange with actors like Benedict Cumberbatch. You focus on personalities that are holding that lib-glamour illusion up, and is acting as a firewall to get through to more euros about their genocide. It’s a unique vision, and I’m glad you’re sharing it and have that fighting spirit with it.

Rollie Quaid
Reply to  Callwen
6 years ago

Thank you I’m glad you see their is method to my madness.

Please consider me on PayPal,
sending me sources or atleast advertising my work.

I have touched a keyboard in months,
I want to buy a computer to produce better articles, and doing a Friday show.

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