Never So Defiant And Proud: Shawna – National Socialism Beyond Subversion (3-6-18)

Shawna joined Chris H to speak about the resurgance of the twisted portrayals of what National Socialism stood for including the lies that NS was deeply connected into Freemasonic Zionism. How National Socialism was cutting out the jewish fluff ideas, distractions and subversions of the time.

Topics: “The Final Solution To The German Question” which was a radio show Shawna brought up, The timeline towards the rise of National Socialism in Germany, How the Germans were not stupid, Jewish Myths and True Awakenings, Controlled Revolutions, Aristocracy, Ahnenerbe, The German Reich as the inheritance of the Roman Empire, but for our people.

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I’m glad you brought that Joe/Tim show up Shawna, because I turned it off at the ‘Hilter was insane’ part, which came right after the discussion of the genocidal plans against Germany. It’s especially demoralizing to hear those two back-to-back, because it seems to kind of block the exit, deny the absolutely heroic response to that genocidal plan that is still going on to this day. There are some muddy waters here, as Jan Irvin claims he realized Joe (and Steve) are ‘dirty’, and that Joe’s personal story doesn’t add up, which he confirmed with Joe’s aunt. That’s all on Jan’s Facebook, if you care to see it. But what happened to Jan with the Logos / Christianity / Bible as natural law thing? You… Read more »


Yes I was a bit gutted when he pulled the toilet flush of : NOT AAAAaaaAaAAAAaaAAALL jews, and I was like (—_____—) PLEASE, no Joseph, YOU KNOW better than that. Shame because he has some good info. Then again you would also say that about the ice cream with the razor blade stuck in the middle of that nice scoop.


Important show and some very astute observations being made about Atwil and Kelly. Interesting times indeed……

If your interested in Rudolf von Sebottendorf I have linked to one of his books.

Good Dictator

Thank you Shawna for your precious contribution! I totally agree with your comments and I feel the same way about the lies about Hitler and the National Socialists. It is so annoying and infuriating, and most of the time it is deliberate… Thanks and it’s great to hear you 🙂


The AIDS hoax code. Hoaxery……it’s how these jew bitches roll. Fuck ’em to hell.


”Number 1, start talking about the chemtrails” NO. NO. NO.. Enough TALK. You can combat and remove chemtrails with orgonite. Instead of being a crybaby about how ”it can’t work” i tried it myself about 3 years ago. And i first thought it was pure luck when the chemtrails disolved. But constant results for 3 years with daily observation and documentation has proved that it without any doubt whatsoever removes chemtrails and haarp ripple emf clouds. The tactic nowadays is that they spray and build up fronts out at sea or over unpopulated areas then slide it in. Not as much chemspraying by planes overhead as before. Get towerbusters and place a few in and around your home, that is step 1. Place towerbusters by… Read more »

Shawna Marie

Ragnarökcrew Thank you for sharing your personal experience with this. I have been looking into orgonite and have been coming across mixed information. It’s great to hear from someone that is testing this out. I have so many questions.


Just how does this orgonite neutralize the toxic chemicals slowly coming down on us? Where is the real scientific basis for such outlandish claims? The sexual pervert jew Wilhelm Reich started this organite scam. It is another jew hoax selling useless trinkets to gullible people.


Jewrassic Liars with an interesting video about Stormy Daniels and Donald tRUMP. Everything is hoaxery with these jew butt pluggers.

Rhys Vegan

This guy doesn’t even listen to the shows, he just spams his youtube channels.


Maybe but that Jewassic Liars does put out some good vids. The one he linked to has already been censored for truth speech.


JL, does have some amazing information. I’m not into his Christ-tardedness, but he has exposed the jew butt-pluggers’ news hoaxery like no one else has ever done.


Geez, sorry I offended you, bub. 33


Wonderful Young Historians- wish you could share my mushroom/kale stew today. Respectfully, did you ever consider the behavior of Czars AND Bolshevics! (Rasputin,too). Both in past/ both bad. The Czars had surfs!
Have you read Ceasar’s Messiah by Joseph Atwill?


Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has a masterpiece that compares tzarist-era serfdom with the gulags – Gulag Archipelago. The serfs were not marked for destruction through exhaustion like the prisoner zeks of Russia. Also, entire peoples were murdered in the gulags, farmers across Russia, German POW’s, Latvians, Russian POWs, Trotskyites, Socialists, engineers, scientists, professors, artists, even random Westerners, the priests and nuns, the entire intelligentsia — anyone who showed free will or a spark. He references czarist-era authors and their writing on prisons at that time, and their rights and privileges. There were very few executions for example in czarist times. The zeks of the gulag had no rights, it’s a story of pure evil and reading Solzhenitsyn’s work opens your eyes to how the society was prepared… Read more »