Never So Defiant And Proud: Shawna – Reawakening The Aryan Heritage (2-20-18)

Shawna joined Chris H to discuss how England especially has been used and how there is much to suggest that England was very important in the past, European Heritage, What are Aryans?, Connection to the land of your people and the ancestors, Our connection to water and energetic importance, Reawakening the Spirit within you to bring back our true Culture and Racial connections in this world, How our connection is being severed almost completely by jewish programming and agenda of Genocide

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From my earliest days I have identified as a Celt. I always felt connected to our Gods and have always rejected Christanity, for no other reason than it never sat right with me because it is foreign to our European homelands and it screams bullshit. I could always connect with nature and feel the presence of something real through nature. In the past year I’ve been living my life as a National Socialist. I always thought Aryans were Northern Europeans. Though through my recent discovery of Renegade and thanks to the Renegade’s for sharing our true history. I now see all indigenous Europeans as Aryans. All of this is to say, I dare any hook nosed bastard or Shabbos Goy tell me in not an… Read more »


Water is the key. More to come on that.


Do tell.


Keep an ear on this channel 😉


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From what I’ve heard, the Sami are a mixed group, who came into the area they are now in as Asians and then were mixed in with the Indo-Europeans, though they are largely European at this point. Anywhere the anti-whites can find a wedge to push the anti-white agenda they do. Gotta stop fighting among ourselves. Oh and btw, why don’t we ever hear about the chronic ethnic wars in the other races?

Anthony Roberts

I saw the future of England a few days ago; visiting my sister in inner City Birmingham.

I had a full windscreen view of hundreds of muslim/hindu and black children pouring out of a school at 3pm. I only counted 4 White faces – frightening! This will increase in the coming decades.

PS Thank you both – great show. Perhaps we need to start “fact shaming” jews, on our culture and history, re: Cheddar and Kennewick men.


Excellent show as usual.


I agree that there is a spell over this land. There is no way that the jew can get away with all of this without some form of diabolical assistance. To me it doesn’t feel right. This is like that datura coma where people are totally teetotal and conscious and let people empty their bank accounts at the cashpoint. Very weird stuff.

Has anyone ever considered the following thought: “Eliminate all evil factors in charge of Racial Marxism and associated therewith.”

Here’s the source of the term “Racial Marxism” for those who haven’t seen it but have visited the sister website:

Thanks for reading,

Esther Brown

Now I just had another thought: “Eliminate all evil factors in charge of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan and associated therewith.”

Thanks for reading again,

Esther Brown

I have just found out, through my Roman Catholic-turned-Mormon mother’s genealogical research, that I go back to the southernmost part of the Grand Duchy of Baden (Konstanz district in particular), among other places in Europe on her side, such as Rzeszów under Austrian rule.

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Sami people DO NOT look like northern europeans. They look like eskimoes. Mongolian.


Howitzer get yourself informed about National Socialist Germany and Ahnenerbe research, before you speak nonesense.


Unfortunately the disinformation, war propaganda and anti-German brainwashing was most successful on the Sami themselves:


I grew up believing the Germans were some strange race of people. I was quite shocked when my Uncle recently passed away and left me our family genealogy records. My family came to America from Mannheim Germany, Talk about shocked!


That is waht it is supposed to do. Taylor made well researched jewish toxin, injected into their mind. Downloading…. Program executing…. 100% success, rebooting.


Sami Sofia Jannok

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WE WUZ KANGZ! Without White people I put money on that the dark races will perish in a matter of about a year. They are only sustained by White man’s life support system the jew has coralled us into. That is why I really don’t care about the darkies; without the jew, the principal problem, everything else is either a symptom or secondary to the cause.