Never So Defiant And Proud: Unique Tribal Refinement (5-1-18)

Guests Labour Unit & Heathen Vegan speak with Chris H. LU speaks about suing culture, microaggresions & repressed expression, buisness persona, assumed reality, paper pushing jobs, the agenda to mix up europe, importance of refinement and many other topics. With HV topics included: Facing the struggle, connecting with the ancestors of your land, how many pagans have become dogmatic and other subjects.

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5 years ago

This was a very interesting conversation, and not lost on this White American woman. It brings to light a great difference in our genetic state, American Whites vs. European Whites ( for lack of a better term) It’s troublesome to think about, but then, I’ve grown quite used to thinking about troublesome things of late. It calls into question of what is an American? Just as an example, which I’m sure is very common; I, 50/50? Irish and English descent ( with that hush- hush German in there through maternal grandfather), married to one of Polish and French ancestry. It was never questioned or frowned upon, I married a white guy after all. But it was only 30 years ago my mother married an Italian… Read more »

5 years ago

An American use to be a person of Europe who came here to live free. It was an ideal more than blood lines. I agree with Patrick Henry – “ give me liberty or give me death “. I would rather die standing up than live on my knees. I can only speak for myself but I identify and bond with White people who stand for personal freedom and limited government. Obviously I’m not a hyper individualist. I’m a white nationalist. As far as I’m concerned all the white people who don’t care about our existence should be the first go no matter what their DNA. Having said that I sincerely hope that you keep England for the English. And maybe we should keep Ireland… Read more »

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