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11 years ago

Its about time someone put the rectal rebel in his place. While I have enjoyed a lot of the info he has put out, I can’t tell you the amount shit I have had to listen to just to get to hear the good info he has a tendency of putting out, like the endless boring tales of his sexual escapades which I think we are all now learning is complete bs lmao 🙂 Also on his last broadcast he was talking about how he likes to antagonise people for the fun of it at his workplace just so he can get them fired, which any decent self improving person would not do. Anyway I think we are now learning what type of a person… Read more »

Charlie Ebisu
11 years ago

Now at 01:05:10 of this show. Some comments… Great getting John Friend on the show. With guilt by association do you guys All agree the biggest NWO lie out there Even going beyond Holocaustianity Is the Nature of Adolph Hitler? If I’m not mistaken, you guys all Reject Conditism. That is to say Hitler was a Bankster Agent Extraordinaire. No he wasn’t: He was WWII’s good guy… But more: its Saint! Alex the so-called Rebel And Mike the Tsarion Form a menage a trois With Little Miss Jim Condit… Which reminds me of the most important issue of the day Well…slightly less important than the Ravens’ victory… Silvia Stolz. The Heart of the Matter As far as I’m concerned Comes out of the mouth of… Read more »

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