Protecting Against The Predators (8-18-14)

baby blues

Tonight Sinead has Jeanice Barcelo on the show.  Jeanice is a birth activist, a whistleblower, and someone who is concerned with all things that limit or undermine human potential and human love. She is an outspoken leader in the movement to get birth out of the hospitals and back into the home. She is also extremely concerned about things like vaccines, GMO foods, chemtrails, nuclear power and radiation, child abuse, pornography, animal abuse, technologically-managed pregnancy and childbirth, and the satanic takeover of our planet. Her use of the word “satanic” has nothing to do with her being a fundamentalist Christian, and everything to do with her awareness that there are people in very high positions of power who worship evil and who will stop at nothing to create chaos, suffering, deprivation, and destruction of our host planet and all of life.

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7 years ago

Clif High (web-bots guy, did a 35 minute podcast on circumcision in Mar ’12, where he also asserts the hormonal/chemical bonding importance of the foreskin, same as Jeanice was saying.

Good discussion thread beginning with Clif’s podcast, then many good articles & podcasts in the replies, including a May ’13 Jeanice visit with V.Eastwood. It’s nice to hear how much more vocal Jeanice has become about the role of dajooz since then.

7 years ago

Re the Rabbi Finkelstein satire quote, and the inflamatory quote attributed to Honest Abe, I agree the Abe one is almost certainly fraudulent, as he’s basically a politician and would surely be more savvy than to make such remarks in a venue where he’d surely be quoted! On Harold Wallace Rosenthal, he’s real: “The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976” I only wish his interview story were more credibly sourced than what’s provided on that Rense page! That he was whacked just months later in an obvious israeli FF “sky-jacking attempt of an israeli airliner” predictably blamed on the PLO, is the most credible evidence that the interview was authentic, AFAIC. Dajooz whacked Rosenthal, AND they had concocted another “innocent jooz victimized by evil… Read more »

7 years ago

Clif High (come on you realize that’s not a real name right?) is that spacegoatfarts weirdo that spacehead Nemo used to get on his Oracle show. I don’t think I’d be taking anything he says seriously LOL!

As for Vinnie Eastwood, he’s clearly an “alternative media” shill, always has been.

Silver Destroyer
7 years ago

Aw that baby looks so cute… Who would do harm to such a precious little thing. ?

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