Radio Wehrwolf: Jewdoo Magic (9-23-15)


On this special Yom Kippur edition of Radio Wehrwolf, Dion will discuss such blessed rites, on the Day of Atonement, as the Kol Nidre, Kaparot, and the goat of Azazel. The insensitive gall of the Pope to meet with President Obama on this holiest of days. The impending apocalypse that is said to take place today. Also the latest Jewish controlled psy-op known as Joshua Ryne Goldberg.

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8 years ago

Of course there is a song already made for the cult of the kosher chicken swingers…….its even called ‘the chicken song’… ‘Its the time of year Now that Spring is in the air When those two wet gits with their girly curly hair Make another song for moronic holidays That nauseate-ate-ate In a million different ways From the shores of Spain To the coast of Southern France No matter where you hide You just can’t escape this dance Hold a chicken in the air Stick a deckchair up your nose Buy a jumbo jet And then bury all your clothes Paint your left knee green Then extract your wisdom teeth Form a string quartet And pretend your name is Keith Skin yourself alive Learn to… Read more »

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