Radio Wehrwolf: John Friend (7-1-15)


John Friend and I will be dissecting the recent false flag shooting in Charleston SC, recent churches burning, the banning of the Confederate flag, and more

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Chris Taylor

Couldn’t the false flag be that Roof himself is a false flag? The event or whatever you want to call it, can work for us. Perfect time to show the present anti White push against us and that this reaction from Roof is perfectly understandable. Further, with those facts presented, it is odd given the present state for Whites it doesn’t happen more often. Fake or not, for the narrative (anti White) push it works the same, so use it to our advantage, point out the jew behind it all that makes a man like Roof snap. You don’t have to condem him or condone it, just point out the Who and Why behind the madness that could make a man snap. Also this shows… Read more »


No. The main focus of any discussion of the “Media Narrative” must be aimed at the central issue of Deception used in the context of Political Warfare. Unfortunately, many people have absolutely no background in applying Counterdeception principles. They simply use their un-aided cognition and try to solve a complex problem without externalizing and analyzing it using proven techniques. Would you try to solve a series of complex mathematical equations by simply “eye-balling” them? Or, do you think it might be a better idea to put the problem down on paper and use proven mathematical principle to solve such a problem? This issue is no different. As for the issue of whether or not “we can know 100%” that this event was faked: let me… Read more »


Behavior Modification Behavior can be modified by changing the conditions or situations that lead up to the (Target Audience)’s current behavior. Behavior can also be modified by the manipulation of the consequences of the TA’s current behavior or by introducing new consequences (rewards and punishments) a TA receives for engaging in a behavior. Decreasing a behavior involves devaluing or reducing the positive consequences and increasing the value of the negative consequences a TA receives. Removing something desirable or pleasant to a TA that is currently reinforcing a behavior, or introducing something into the TA’s environment that it finds unpleasant, are ways of decreasing a behavior. Increasing a behavior involves increasing the value of the positive consequences and decreasing the value of the negative consequences a… Read more »


This is psyop 101…

Keep in mind psyop is not an introductory course…

You want to ignore this? Go ahead…Your going to lose…

You are telling them you WANT to lose by ignoring this…

I understand you want to live in a world where this a ‘media’…

There is no ‘media’…there is a ‘—‘ ‘media’…

A what media? A ‘—‘ media?

What? A what?

This is an intruductory statement about this type of thing…

If you read this you are WAY ahead in understanding ‘Roofy’ and the like…

But it is just the tip of the j–berg…


This is a basic outline for how you get Sunnis and Shias to kill themselves fighting in Iraq.

You bomb a church/mosque. ‘They’ bomb a church/mosque in ‘retaliation’.

Get it?

Guess what?

They are doing this in the United States of ‘America’.

Conspiracy Theory?

You bet.

A real one.

Science. Provable. Grow Up.

My conclusion on the “Church Event” in the media is there is a 50% chance that it happened the way the media stated it did being true . There is also a 50% chance being true that , the person they ” claim ” in the media reporting of the Event was actually the one that did the supposed bad act . So , IMO we can conclude that the whole “Church Event” was NOT credible enough to be true based on the evidence given to us by the Rich people controlled media. Although , It could have been possible that 9 people died in some way , IF we could ID. the bodies personally , IF we new them personally before they died &… Read more »


Rational thinking requires that you demonstrate sound “Justification” in accepting the premises of an assertion. Many people seem to feel that they are justified in accepting a proposition when it is presented on Television without having an argument for it. The seem to do this because they have been “Conditioned” to “Believe” the TV. You saw the dramatic narrative describing the highly implausible “Church Shooting” on Television. Television is an information channel completely under the control of a certain group. If you accept the narrative as being “Factual” and “True” – you have implicitly performed some type of reasoning and you are relying on an argument to support your “Belief”. If you think the “Church Shooting” happened – what exactly is the argument you used… Read more »


Dylann Roof is accused of killing nine anti-White activists. More importantly to our enemies, he is accused of thoughtcrime, the crime of being pro-White, and Original Crime, the crime of being White. Our enemies fund teams of lawyers to overturn convictions of Black Criminals, and to defend Blacks accused of crime. It is only proper that we do the same. As we know, there is no such thing as a fair trial, but money, competent lawyers, make a difference, get the shot a bit closer to that mythical target. If I was more than a simple prole, I would be announcing a legal defense fund for Roof, but I am just that. I have no contacts. I and many other White proles do, however, have… Read more »

I think a defense fund is not a good idea because we know whoever did the deed (If it was done at all), has been corrupted by the rich Anti-Whites through hypnosis & brainwashing , OR is a funded minion for their Anti-white agenda . I think the lesson learned here is if you become to well known you run the risk of being abducted by the Anti-Whites , brainwashed , & do things & say things that help their agenda of White race genocide.


There is no shortage of infiltrators – even here on this thread. Retard saying there is a “50 % Chance” that the fake “Church Shooting” happened. LOL Show your work retard. How did you calculate the “50 %”? LOL And another ass hat shilling for “Donations” for a “Legal Defense Fund” for the Actor/Shooter who is playing the leading role in the made-for-TV Drama. Hopefully, these infiltrators will be “disappearing” soon. Basically, you have 2 kinds of people here. Those who understand the overall implications of organized Political Deception and the fact that it is used routinely against us…. and – the infiltrators…whose job it is to support the Jewish Media version of every single deception they put forth. Normal people simply want to know… Read more »

I think that there is a 50% chance of truth that pat is a Anti-White race infiltrator . Conversely , there is a 50% chance that my statement is false. Its pretty straight forward . My point is It does not matter what “Dramas” the medias put out True OR false . All that matters to them (the rich controllers) is the messages they want people to remember & think are true for their Anti-White manipulation purposes.


So in other words, never help a comrade, because obviously anyone who does more than bitch on the internet is an agent.

Yeah, that sounds legit. I mean, it’s totally pro-White to say “fuck our White soldiers, let them rot” and it’s also totally a way to convince people that you’re worth saving.

Make another post about “false flags” while Leroy rapes your daughter, you proud White warrior.


How many of you here are living in the Jewish Dreamworld? If you “Believe” the Jew Church Shooting Script in light of the massive evidence of fraud – you are a mental cripple. Please do not procreate. Frankly, you would do well to just die. Lots of Jews and Infiltrators who are promoting a “Legal Defense Fund” for the FBI handled actor posing as the evil “Church Shooter”. That is just as retarded as promoting a “Legal Defense Fund” for any of the other FAKE DEFENDANTS in FAKE COURT CASES that the FBI has concocted previously. Use your Jewoggle-Fu and search “David P. Khoury” in Philadelphia for more on how the FBI fakes Court Cases using entirely FICTICIOUS defendants. In that case, they did it… Read more »


If everything is faked, you have no ability to fight, as you will always be punching at ghosts.

You fucking loonies who think we are living in the fucking Matrix are doing nothing but preaching paralysis.

But I’m not so sure this not your intent.


“If everything is faked” Define ‘everything’. If you mean everything the magician shows you? Then yeah, everything the magician shows you has an aspect of illusion/deception to it. No? Oh okay. So because the setup is not an obvious illusion the trick is not an illusion too? You believe in magic? Miracles? Do you believe our opponents are “lucky”? How fucking lucky do you think you can be? They seem pretty fucking lucky don’t you think? Maybe its not luck? It is not luck. It is really simple what differentiates us ‘crazy’ folk that think ‘everything is fake’ and those that don’t want to discredit the ‘movement’ by saying these ‘events’ are not on the up and up. It is a moral issue. See. You… Read more »


Dave, you a poison. You are either very stupid, legitimately delusional, or you are intentionally working against White sovereignty.

Your kind damage every “movement” you touch, and those who tolerate you, those who promote you, share some of the blame.

Thanks for helping to bring into focus how truly fucked Whites are, that your destructive shit-stirring is catered to by people who are ostensibly pro-White.


Alright. You convinced me.

I have seen the error of my ways.

In order to save the movement. I am starting the legal defense of Roofy.

It is time to take your advice and let everyone know ‘we’ support the ‘innocent, african american, brothers and sisters in christ, killing’ Roofy.

Here is my pitch.

“Hi there. Would you like to donate to the legal defense of the ‘self confessed, mass murdering, confederate flag destroying, media sensation’? DailyStormfrontRoofy?”

“Uh no. Are you crazy?”

“No. I am certainly not a conspiracy theorist. I am however, a supporter of a ‘mass murderer’. Do you want to support him now?”

“Okay. Sure. How much you need?”



You are a BAL movement. BAL.

Your legal defense idea is the worst idea in the history of worst ideas.

My idea. Start a legal defense fund for Jared Lee Harvey Oswald Laughner because he “was” a “conspiracy theorist” and I am too. So “he” did that “shooting” for “me” and I need to “thank him”…And…Yeah…Stuff.


Just to finish your burial.

All you do is insult.

You speak of ghosts?

You defend the YKW media ghosts they provide.

You lose. You have lost.

Your kind has led ‘our’ people along a path that has led no-where.

And you know it.

You advocate Standard Operating Procedure.

Which has yielded ZERO results for how long?

Cass Sunstein is worried about ‘conspiracy theorists’….

He is not worried about defense funds for actors.

You are burried. Dig yourself up. Your dead already.


I advocate the only methods which have ever worked.

Cass Sunstien calls people with evidence “conspiracy theorists” and said to combat such people by injecting people without evidence to make false claims and misdirect. No evidence is exactly what you have. Misdirection is exactly what you do. You’re either an idiot or an agent.


You call a man who engaged in political reprisal killings against anti-White terrorists a “mass murderer?” Do you always use the Jewsmedia’s lexicon?